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Nightbringer Aphelios is a fairly recent champion in League of Legends in terms of release date. Aphelios as it stands right now does not have a whole lot of skins to offer, but the ones he does have are very awesome!

Nightbringer Aphelios cost 1350 RP in the store. Aphelios doesn’t have many skins to offer as of right now, but this is subjected to change over time with the release of new skins, and updates.


Nightbringer Aphelios in detial

Nightbringer Aphelios brings the fantasy elements of Aphelios to life. This supernatural-based skin of Aphelios gives him a much darker tone compared to normal Aphelios . Drastic changes have been made to the character with this skin, such as new textures, new animations, new sounds, and much more!

Nightbringer Aphelios looks very different from the default Aphelios. It’s almost as if they are two completely separate champions. If there is one thing both of these skins share in common, is the fact that they both share supernatural attributes.

The Aphelios champion had a bundle that comes with both Aphelios and the Nightbringer skin as well. Nightbringer Aphelios is also no stranger to chromas, having 7 chromas available to choose from.


Is Nightbringer Aphelios worth it?

It is based on personal preference, as to whether or not this skin is worth your time. Consider the following however, Aphelios, in general, does not have many skins available at the moment, therefore collecting skins for him shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you really like supernatural/fantasy-themed skins and are tired of the default Aphelios, then this skin might be your solution. On the contrary, if you are not really into supernatural/fantasy-themed skins, then there is another option for Aphelios. Aphelios has another skin called Lunar beast Aphelios, which changes his appearance quite drastically.

Aphelios Nightbringer, his first skin, is based on the Nightbringer skin, and it gives Aphelios a darker aura than he currently has, as well as making Alune seem different. Aphelios’ has never looked scarier, as if he’s come for your soul. His skin is intimidating and dangerous because to its icy and dark colors; his weapons are likewise frightening due to their dark green hues; some have purple tones, while others shock their adversaries with their blood-like brilliant red color. Aphelios ultimate is effective against several adversaries, and this skin enhances its appearance. The Nightbringer skin relates the narrative of two brothers, Aphelios and Alune, who were formed as foes with opposing natures: he is a demon with a strong yearning for chaos, while she is the embodiment of justice and order.


It is an oddball in terms of skin creativity, but it has some really unique characteristics. Like mentioned before, it is completley based on personal prefence, as to whether or not this skin is worth your time, but considering that their aren’t a whole lot of skins available to Aphelios, your options are extremely limited.

If you still aren’t sure you can always try out the Public Beta Enviornment, also known as PBE, for more details on champions you are considering using.

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