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Ravager Nocturne Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! If you’re a League of Legends fan like me, you know that skins can seriously level up the game. Today, we’re diving into the dark and intriguing world of the Ravager Nocturne skin. Released back on July 12, 2011, this skin falls under the “Regular” category and can be a real game-changer. So, strap in as we explore the creepy-cool universe of Ravager Nocturne!



Imagine a ghostly presence that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. That’s Ravager Nocturne for you. According to lore, This skin paints Nocturne as a ravaging spirit from another dimension, cranking up the creepiness factor to a whole new level. It’s like he’s walked straight out of a chilling alternate universe, and his ghostly aura will give you goosebumps!

Concept and Inspiration

Ever thought of Nocturne as a solid flame spirit? Well, that’s the creative spark behind Ravager Nocturne. This skin takes the concept of a fiery entity and turns it into reality. It’s like Nocturne’s been forged from flames themselves, giving him an otherworldly, ethereal vibe that sets him apart from the rest.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations


Riot didn’t hold back when they designed this skin. Nocturne sports a brand-new model that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Picture him as a collection of golden plates, each one emitting an intense glow. His eyes pierce through the darkness with an eerie white light, adding to his enigmatic presence. The fiery pattern that engulfs his body is captivating, even though the fire theme isn’t overdone. Skin has no new particles, animations or sounds.

His spiked blades are the stuff of nightmares, designed with one purpose: destruction. The battlefield where all the action goes down boasts an abstract setting. A touch of timber on the left, a swirl of smoke on the right, and a fractured floor at the center. Nocturne stands tall, even from an overhead view, making his fearsome form unmistakable.

Unique Features

The real charm of Ravager Nocturne lies in its unique features. The blue and gold color scheme is simply captivating, giving Nocturne an otherworldly aura that complements his ghostly vibe. The details, like the intricate design of his blades, divide the crowd. Some players find them irresistible, while others hoped for a bit more. Personally, I find these details add to the skin’s overall appeal, making it a standout choice for Nocturne enthusiasts.

Obtainability in 2023

Alright, let’s talk business! If you’re itching to get your hands on the Ravager Nocturne skin, I’ve got the scoop for you. You can snag this skin from the Riot store for a reasonable 520 Riot Points. That’s a steal considering the eerie transformation it brings to Nocturne’s appearance. And if you’re looking for a shortcut, you can even find accounts with this skin on platforms like Smurfmania.com.

Gamers Feedback

LoL players‘ opinions about the Ravager Nocturne skin vary widely. While some appreciate its unique design and thematic appeal, others find it lacking compared to other skins or prefer its in-game appearance over the splash art.

“I love how everyone hates it whereas this is my favorite Nocturne skin. Its design is cool, very Tim Burton-ish.”

“I just got this from a re-roll. It looks okay, I guess; has a nice theme to it. The face in the splash art almost reminds me of the Venom symbiote.”

“Personally, I like the Void Nocturne way more after viewing this one. I wish they still sold Haunting Nocturne though :/”

“Particles are better than Ravager. But I think Frozen Terror doesn’t look like Nocturne in the game. I mean, Frozen Terror Nocturne hasn’t got a ghoul or ghost appearance. But it’s cool, not bad ofc :)”

My Feedback

Okay, time to share some personal thoughts here. Ravager Nocturne has definitely earned a special place in my heart, ranking right up there with some of the spookiest Halloween-themed skins. The skin’s design resonates with me – it’s like a modern-day twist on Tim Burton’s dark and whimsical style. The visual details and the way those blades are designed just give me shivers – in a good way!

Of course, not everyone’s on the same page. Some players are more on the neutral side, appreciating the skin’s thematic appeal without going overboard. But for me, it’s a winner through and through. The unique design, the attention to detail, and the way it transforms Nocturne into a spectral force of nature – I’m all in!

Conclusion and Rating

So, summing it all up, Ravager Nocturne isn’t just your run-of-the-mill skin. It’s a one-way ticket to a ghostly realm of eerie beauty and destruction. From the captivating blue and gold color palette to the intricately designed blades, this skin packs a punch. If you’re a Nocturne enthusiast looking to take your game to the next level, Ravager Nocturne is a must-have.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d easily give this skin a solid 7. It’s got all the elements that make a skin stand out in the League of Legends universe. So, why wait? Dive into the darkness and embrace the chilling allure of Ravager Nocturne. Your enemies won’t know what hit them!


When was the Ravager Nocturne skin released and what’s its theme?

The Ravager Nocturne skin was released on July 12, 2011. It portrays Nocturne as a ghostly ravaging spirit from another dimension, with a unique blue and gold color scheme that sets it apart.

How does the skin differ in design from Nocturne’s default appearance?

Ravager Nocturne features a new model with a fiery and ethereal appearance. He’s depicted as a collection of golden plates emitting a strong glow, with white eyes and intricate, nightmare-inducing spiked blades.

What is the cost of the Ravager Nocturne skin and where can it be obtained?

The Ravager Nocturne skin is available in the Riot store for 520 RP. Players can purchase it directly from the store. Alternatively, some platforms like Smurfmania.com may offer accounts with the skin.

How do players perceive the Ravager Nocturne skin?

Opinions on the skin vary. Some players appreciate its unique design and thematic appeal, comparing it to Tim Burton’s style, while others find it lacking compared to other skins or prefer different skins for Nocturne.

What rating does the Ravager Nocturne skin receive in the League of Legends community?

The skin generally garners positive feedback for its captivating design and thematic elements. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s often rated around 7, praised for its attention to detail, color palette, and transformation of Nocturne’s appearance.