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Ocean Song Zeri Review

Hey there, fellow League of Legends summoners! Today, we’re diving into the watery world of Ocean Song Zeri, an epic skin that made its splash in the League on June 9, 2022. If you’re all about that beach vibes and cool tunes lifestyle, then this skin might be your jam. Priced at 1350 RP, it’s time to explore the depths of this skin’s lore, design, and unique features, and of course, hear my honest take on it.


Our journey with Ocean Song Zeri begins with the lore, and let me tell you, it’s quite the entrance. Zeri, the up-and-coming Water Tamer from the Southwest, has taken center stage at the Ocean Song Festival. It’s her first solo gig, and she’s gone all out to make a splash (pun intended). With show-stopping plans, she’s aiming to leave her mark on the festival. Talk about making an entrance, right?

Concept and Inspiration

Now, let’s talk about the concept and inspiration behind this skin. Imagine Zeri, the champion, embracing the Ocean Song theme – it’s all about those beach vibes and cool tunes. Riot nailed it with this concept, capturing the essence of a vibrant beach festival. It’s like a virtual vacation to a tropical paradise.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Ocean Song Zeri isn’t just another skin; it’s a whole new look and feel. Riot has given her a fresh model, textures, and animations, and boy, does she look stunning! The blue hair complements the water-themed elements on her beach jacket, and those stylish glasses and that fancy gun? Zeri’s got style for days, and we’re loving it.

But that’s not all – the sound effects and animations have also received a makeover. When she recalls, Zeri puts on a breakdancing show to the beat of some catchy tunes. And when she pops her ultimate ability, she’s enveloped in neon blue electricity, which reminds us of Neon from Riot’s other game, Valorant. It’s a quirky yet mesmerizing mix of water and electricity that just works.

Plus, there’s something oddly amusing about Zeri, a champion with literal electricity running through her, having a blast by the water. It’s like watching a lightning storm at the beach, but in a good way.

Unique Features

Now, let’s dive deeper into what makes Ocean Song Zeri stand out. You see, the skin’s visual effects (VFX) have been a hot topic among players. Some, like me, were initially skeptical about blending water and electricity, but you know what? It surprisingly works well. The VFX, while not entirely water-themed, still manage to capture the essence of the Ocean Song Festival.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some players have voiced their disappointment, wishing for more cohesive or water-themed VFX, especially given Zeri’s association with electricity. It’s a valid point, and Riot could potentially enhance this aspect in the future.

On a brighter note, let’s talk chromas. Ocean Song Zeri’s chromas have received heaps of praise and are among the best we’ve seen for a skin. They add a splash of variety to her look and are a real treat for collectors.

The splash art for this skin has also been a hit. I’ve even found myself drawing comparisons to characters from other games, like Neon from Valorant and characters from Jojo’s Stone Ocean. It’s like a crossover event I never knew I needed.

Obtainability in 2023

So, how can you get your hands on this electrifying skin in 2023? Well, it’s simple. You can purchase it in the Riot Store for 1350 Riot Points. That’s your ticket to joining Zeri on her Ocean Song adventure.

Gamers Feedback

LoL players have shared mixed opinions about the Ocean Song Zeri skin. Some appreciate its visual effects and thematic elements, while others have expressed concerns about the cohesion between water and electricity in the skin’s design. The chromas and splash art have received positive feedback, but there is a desire for more attention to detail in showcasing Zeri’s abilities.

“Her original VFXs never really resembled electricity tbh. She got the Xerath treatment basically—instead of actual lightning-looking spells, they both got blobs of bright energy.”

“Kennen W = Zeri passive, literally, they gave her also a movement speed-based kit, the VFX of her R (the explosion/Q/model/hair), and the VFX of her passive charging up on her model. What do you want more?”

“Her Q in this skin could have been bubbles, and it would have been 100 times better.”

“I want a legendary Zeri skin 😭”

My Feedback

Now, let’s get real – my personal take on Ocean Song Zeri. As a gamer who loves to share the gaming experience, I’ve got some thoughts.

First, I have to say that the skin’s visual effects have indeed been a point of discussion, and my opinion leans toward the positive side. While I had my doubts about mixing water and electricity, the execution here surprised me. The VFX, with their neon blue electricity and playful animations, somehow manage to capture the vibe of the Ocean Song Festival. It’s like Zeri is putting on her own electric beach party, and it’s a blast to watch.

That said, I do understand where some players are coming from with their disappointment in the VFX. It’s true that they could have been more cohesive and water-themed, especially considering Zeri’s electric prowess. Riot could explore further improvements in this area to truly make the skin shine.

But let’s talk about a highlight – the chromas. Oh boy, they are something else. Ocean Song Zeri’s chromas are a visual treat. They add a layer of customization that’s hard to resist, and honestly, some of them are absolute gems. If you’re a fan of collecting skins, these chromas are worth the investment.

Now, the splash art – it’s a winner. I can’t help but draw comparisons to characters from other games, like Neon from Valorant and Jojo’s Stone Ocean. It’s like Riot gave Zeri a ticket to the coolest crossover party ever, and she’s making the most of it.

Conclusion and Rating

So, in conclusion, what’s the verdict on Ocean Song Zeri? Well, it’s safe to say that this skin has caused quite a stir among players, and my take aligns with the positives. While there are valid points of improvement, especially regarding the VFX, the overall aesthetics and the allure of the chromas have won me over.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Ocean Song Zeri a solid 8 out of 10. It’s a skin that can light up the Rift with its unique charm, even if there are lingering questions about the synergy between water and electricity in this particular design.


What is the Ocean Song Zeri skin in League of Legends, and when was it released?

Ocean Song Zeri is a 1350 RP skin in League of Legends that was released on June 9, 2022. It features Zeri, the Water Tamer champion, with a beach-themed design.

What is the lore and concept behind Ocean Song Zeri?

The skin’s lore involves Zeri’s performance at the Ocean Song Festival, her first solo gig. The concept and inspiration revolve around beach vibes and cool tunes, creating a virtual tropical paradise in the game.

How are the design, sound effects, and animations of Ocean Song Zeri skin?

The skin offers a fresh model, textures, and animations for Zeri, with striking blue hair, stylish glasses, and a unique gun design. The sound effects and animations, including her recall and ultimate ability, showcase a blend of water and electricity.

What are the unique features of Ocean Song Zeri, and what is the player feedback regarding it?

The skin’s visual effects (VFX) have been a topic of discussion, with some players appreciating the blend of water and electricity while others desired more cohesion. The chromas and splash art have received praise for their customization and crossover appeal.

How can players obtain Ocean Song Zeri in 2023, and what is the overall rating for the skin?

Players can purchase Ocean Song Zeri for 1350 RP in the Riot Store in 2023. The skin received an overall rating of 8 out of 10, with positive comments on its aesthetics and chromas, despite some room for improvement in VFX.