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PAX Twisted Fate is perhaps the MOST rare skin that you have ever seen in League of Legends, more than a decade has passed since its distribution (PAX 2009), which makes PAX TF skin truly indispensable in the collection of any self-respecting collector of the greatest League of Legends artifacts.

In 2009, during the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) event the first 20,000 participants were awarded the PAX TF (PAX Twisted Fate) code. Just imagine how rare it is to see something like this, given that in League of Legends hundreds of millions of accounts are registered and only 20 thousand of them have the opportunity to touch the history by playing on the original legendary TF PAX!

Why is PAX Twisted Fate so Expensive?
The design of the rarest PAX skin is truly a work of art! Also on the model itself in the game there is a mark PAX 09. The color scheme in which the skin is made makes it truly attractive. Great style and mysterious look! His black robes with blue accents make the hero darker, in addition, his weapon is now tarot cards – he is the very embodiment of magic! The energy emanating from his eyes, another attractive touch … And of course the PAX logo on the shoulders.

In addition to PAX Twisted Fate, PAX Jax and PAX Sivir were also released, being one of the rarest skins in the history of the League of Legends. You can buy PAX Twisted fate and other rare skins via our website

That’s why PAX is the rarest skin in the most popular game League of Legends because only 20 thousand players can get this adorable skin. Actually, the artist made this skin with truly an eye-catchy colors scheme. Mostly, gamers love to play with this character. Although this skin got a lot of fame now unfortunately this skin is not available anymore in the stores. Because to make it remarkable the programmers disable its coding’s only the lucky ones have this skin. Furthermore, To get this skin people tried to exchange their accounts for the old ones which have these skins available.

Some might wonder that the Pax Twisted fate is a legendary skin and that is why it is so hard to get your hands on this but in reality, it was a special event skin that was put out for the PAX 2009 back in the day. That is why it is kind of impossible to get your hands on this skin and it doesn’t come out as often on the store and other various locations where other skins that are legendary or epic can be purchased. Even if you can get a decent seller out there many gamers would simply not be at home with the price they are asking for.

How to get PAX Twisted Fate in 2022?
Unfortunately, since that time the legendary skin is not available in the game, the skin codes were disabled many years ago and can never be used again, access to the skin for new users is closed and only the lucky ones who managed to get it many years ago can enjoy the greatness of this masterpiece!
But do not worry, to this day there is a way to touch the history – buy an account with already received PAX TF in our store – where we collect the rarest accounts in the League of Legends.

How much is PAX Twisted Fate worth?
It turned out that the code was available for exchange and many lucky ones rushed to earn decent money on this, PAX TF was sold in gaming communities, on Ebay, as well as in online stores all over the Internet, and prices started at $300 and reached several thousand! Of course, because every day the rarity of this skin is only growing.

An interesting fact – many professional players prefer to have this skin, as well as other ultra-rare skins at their disposal, so that if you get it, you yourself can impress a player who has seen all the League of Legends adventures!

Sincerely yours, team!

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