Pentakill Sona – she’s an excellent pianist, and her polls are lightning-fast. Sona is a great addition to the PENTAKILT band. The sound produced by her metal synthesizer is so powerful that it may drown out any other music. The Sona instrument, which is covered in barbed wire and emits a deafening scream, will be used to force the adversaries off the stage. Changes have been made to the skin’s aesthetic design, making it bolder and more adventurous. Pentakill Sona’s red hair and gothic style perfectly express her personality, and you’ll fall in love with it. The instrument has a frenetic vibe due to the living metal chains embedded in it. And her instrument’s precise and exquisite tones make her skin the most musical of them all. Sona’s sound waves have a wide range of frequencies, so they can strike just about any target. The cover of a hard rock CD may easily be splashed with this imagery. All of the members of this fantastic band are represented by him, who is dark and warlike.
Pentakill Sona, like many of metal’s leading heroines, is unstoppable. Although the skin has immense potential, the creators have solely focused on creating a new model and materials for it.

How to get Pentakill Sona in 2022?

Pentakill Sona is a standard skin, therefore you may get it whenever you want from the game’s shop. In addition, our online shop sells pre-loaded League of Legends accounts with a variety of outstanding skins (many of which have been inaccessible in the game for some time) for a low price and with immediate delivery!

Can you tell me where I can get this skin? – You may purchase the Pentakill Sona skin from the in-game store at any time.
Is it a good investment? – If you’re unsure about whether or not this skin is worth your money, then wait. As a reminder, this skin is available on the Public Beta Environment server at any time. With membership to the PBE server, you may purchase and try out any skin available in the game. Learn more about the PBE server and how to get access to it by visiting this page.

Technically, the skin is a good re-model, with a well-defined black appearance for Sona that is nicely defined. In reality, the emphasis on metal seems to be a little arbitrary. On the one hand, she is a classically educated musician, so the idea of pursuing a career in symphonic metal seems to be reasonable. However, Sona’s attitude and musical style are diametrically opposed to the stereotypical characteristics of metal rock and heavy metal music. At the end of the day, it all boils back to the notion. The metal angle is worthwhile if you enjoy it, but if you realistically believe that it is insufficient, you should pass on it altogether.

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