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Pool Party Taric

Rarity: Epic

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Release Date: July 13, 2016

Concept: Taric at the pool party theme.

Particles: New VFX: all kinds of splashing water effects, as well as the sweet sun with versatile shades in its ult!

Model: New model and texture: lifeguard equipment, complete with a jacket that can be removed!

Animations: New recall animation: Taric takes off his jacket and jumps into the pool!

Sounds: A new sound: of course, to accompany water effects, splash sound effects!

Is it possible to buy in the game? Yes!

“Always on the alert, Pool Party Taric will run in cinematic slow motion to save any swimmer who is in trouble. Although, Tarik was unable to save the depressing number of them.”

Riot radically changed Taric, the tariff model itself, its weapons were changed, the animation of the review was also changed.
All in all for 1350 Riot Points, a very good offer.

Overall, this is a skin that begins with a decent premise but falls short of completing it. The concept is sound, but the implementation likes to use the same water splashes again and over instead of trying something new. Even when it does, the final, it mostly employs water and fails to complete its joke. All of this adds up to a skin that falls short of its goal. Instead of transforming Taric into a saviour of the seas, it focuses solely on the water element, ignoring all of the hoopla and showy displays associated with the Shield of Valoran. There are few indications of this, and they rarely stick out among the repetitious, yet beautiful water effects.

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