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Porcelain Protector Ezreal Review

Porcelain Protector Ezreal is a legendary skin in the League of Legends universe, making its debut on January 20, 2022. Priced at 1820 RP, it’s a must-have for fans of the Prodigal Explorer. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the mystical world of this skin, exploring everything from its lore and design to unique features and how you can obtain it in 2023. So, fellow Summoners, let’s embark on this enchanted journey with Ezreal!


Picture this: Ezreal, the daring explorer, is knee-deep in ancient scrolls, hunting for lost relics of unimaginable power. But, oops! He accidentally lets loose an ancient evil sorceress. Yikes, right? That’s when Lux and the spirit of the Tiger Relic swoop in to save the day. Ezreal’s newfound magical prowess lands him among the Protectors, a band of heroes out to fix his magical mess. Talk about a wild day in the office!

Concept and Inspiration

Ever wondered what would happen if Ezreal took a detour into the mystical realm of porcelain and ancient spirits? Well, wonder no more. Porcelain Protector Ezreal channels that theme, plunging us into a world where mystical Zodiac Relics hold the keys to immense power. The Protectors, a league of immortal guardians, stand firm to keep these relics away from the clutches of those who’d misuse their power. It’s a theme that merges magic, porcelain, and adventure seamlessly.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

This is where things get real exciting. Porcelain Protector Ezreal’s design is a visual feast. Picture every ability animation as a work of art. Take his ultimate, for instance – it summons a majestic white and blue spirit tiger’s head, letting out a spine-tingling roar before launching towards the enemy. Goosebumps, anyone?

But it doesn’t stop there. His W – Essence Flux animation transforms enemy champions or turrets into mesmerizing rotating white/blue flowers. It’s like Ezreal is saying, “Here’s some flower power for you!” And let’s not forget the emotes featuring his spirit tiger pet. That dance emote? Pure vibes with the cat bobbing its head.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about the skin’s unique features. What sets Porcelain Protector Ezreal apart from the crowd?

  • Immersive Theme: This skin doesn’t just slap on a fresh coat of paint; it immerses you in a world where magic and porcelain collide.
  • Stunning Animations: From the majestic spirit tiger to the mesmerizing flower animations, every skill is a visual treat.
  • Adorable Emotes: The emotes featuring Ezreal’s spirit tiger pet add a cute and fun element to the skin.

Obtainability in 2023

So, you’ve read all about the wonders of Porcelain Protector Ezreal, and you’re itching to add it to your collection in 2023. Well, good news! You can still obtain this legendary skin through the Riot Store for 1820 Riot Points. It’s your ticket to unlocking the full potential of this magical explorer and diving headfirst into the adventures of the Protectors.

Gamers Feedback

Porcelain Protector Ezreal has captivated players with its striking visuals, thematic charm, and diverse chroma options. While some minor concerns exist, the overwhelmingly positive response indicates that this skin has left a lasting impression on the League of Legends community.

“Those kitty ears during the dance animation are so cuteeee.”

“They could have changed the color of the tiger while ulting with chromas :/”

“Green chroma is Mitsuki sage mode. Ty riot!”

“So sad that they removed his glowing eyes in the splashart.”

My Feedback

As a fellow League of Legends enthusiast, I must say that Porcelain Protector Ezreal has left a lasting impression on me. It’s more than just a skin; it’s a masterpiece. The attention to detail in the design is commendable. Those cat ears during the dance animation? Pure style! The glowing effects add that extra oomph to every ability cast.

Now, there’s been some chatter about the Homeguard animation, with players suggesting a smoother fade-out for the tiger. It’s a valid point, and I agree that a more gradual exit could enhance the overall experience. Also, I share the sentiment about the glowing eyes seen in the splash art not making it to the final skin. It’s a minor gripe, but one worth noting for potential future tweaks.

But hey, let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture. Porcelain Protector Ezreal is a game-changer. It’s beautiful, stylish, and a true gem in the League of Legends skins lineup.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Porcelain Protector Ezreal has made an unforgettable mark in the League of Legends universe. With its stunning visuals, thematic coherence, and a variety of chromas to cater to different tastes, it’s a skin that stands out. While there are minor areas for improvement, they pale in comparison to the overall brilliance of this skin.

So, what’s my rating? I’d give Porcelain Protector Ezreal a solid 9 out of 10. It’s a must-have for any Ezreal fan and a valuable addition to any League of Legends skin collection. Don’t miss out on the chance to embrace the magic of the Protectors with this legendary skin.


What is Porcelain Protector Ezreal in League of Legends?

Porcelain Protector Ezreal is a legendary skin in League of Legends, introduced on January 20, 2022, featuring Ezreal as a mystical explorer with unique abilities and animations.

What is the lore behind Porcelain Protector Ezreal?

The skin’s lore revolves around Ezreal accidentally releasing an ancient evil sorceress and being aided by Lux and the spirit of the Tiger Relic. He joins the Protectors, a group of heroes, to rectify the magical mess he caused.

What are the standout features of Porcelain Protector Ezreal?

This skin offers immersive theming, stunning animations for abilities like his spirit tiger ultimate and flower-themed Essence Flux, and adorable emotes featuring a spirit tiger pet.

How can I obtain Porcelain Protector Ezreal in 2023?

You can acquire Porcelain Protector Ezreal by purchasing it from the Riot Store for 1820 RP in 2023.

What is the community’s feedback on Porcelain Protector Ezreal?

Players generally praise the skin for its visuals and thematic charm. Some minor concerns include the Homeguard animation for the tiger and the absence of glowing eyes from the splash art. Overall, it has garnered positive feedback from the League of Legends community.