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Primetime Draven – skin released on March 25, 2013. It shares line with skins such as:

-Beast Hunter Draven

-Gladiator Draven

-Pool Party Draven

-Soul Reaver Draven

-Mecha Kingdoms Draven

-Draven Draven

Primetime Draven is a talented and very immodest esports commentator who also looks incredibly stylish and elegant. It is especially interesting in what manner the developers decided to show the main character trait of this champion, namely his bombast. They approached it with a bit of humor, so Draven comments on his own actions. He praises himself for an excellent game, beautiful double kill, and then offers to re-watch the most interesting episodes. Isn’t that comical? The visual style of the skin tries to make fun of the character’s image even more. So Primetime Draven wears a bright red jacket and trendy hairstyle, which is a distraction. Even more unusual are his crazy axes, which are essentially microphones with blades. Splash art also looks great. Draven stands in the center of the esports arena, in a beam of light. He seems to be directing his microphone at us, although it is not clear why, because he is only interested in himself.

Riot created a truly interesting skin and of course did not forget to add new effects. The developers have updated particles for all abilities, added new recall animation and microphone sounds. So during the recall, a familiar table appears in front of Primetime Draven, at which commentators are sitting and he begins his speech.

How to get Primetime Draven in 2022?

This is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 975 RP and if you are a fan of the sports theme or News Reporter Themed skins then you should definitely buy this skin.

Adapting a brash warrior like Draven into a refined e-sports broadcaster necessitates a certain amount of humour, especially in a fantasy environment. Such amusement won’t last long, but the thought of Draven remarking on his own actions isn’t just hilarious; it’s also anticipated. Despite how ludicrous the axes appear; this serves to make them more bearable; something more elegant would have been ideal. After a period, the skin’s humour may fade, but the skin’s conception remains solely Draven. It’s a terrific alternative for fans of hilarious skins because the execution is fairly nice and the pricing is quite cheap.

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