Program Camille – skin released on December 12, 2016. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Coven Camille
-iG Camille

The incredible artificial creature Program Camille. It is part of an alternative anti-utopian universe. Powerful corporations own everything in the Program world, and war rages in the crowded cities of the future. In this conflict, rebel people are involved, who call themselves G / NETIC and hold robots, under the leadership of artificial intelligence. The winners will receive everything, and the losers will most likely be destroyed. Camille is a professional killer whose main job is to kill people who illegally use technology and augmentation. Its protocols are extensive and allow the Program Camille to perform tasks in different conditions… It is also equipped with powerful weapons and laser focusing in order to perfectly fulfill the orders of the Program itself. On splash art, Camille is depicted on the surface of some huge building. Apparently she is on a mission, because everywhere you can see security devices and machines that inspect the space. Program Camille looks like an advanced robot, with tech blades instead of legs. She also has five eyes that the target can see wherever she is. The cables attached to the back may need it to connect to other machines and probably even drive them. Hextech Ultimatum looks incredibly impressive, this ability really tries to show the futuristic skin. It is also striking how unusual the holographic displays, which are the controls, are placed on her legs.

Riot also completely updated VFX, made them more technological. So Camille blades leave emerald traces in the air, as if plasma cuts through space at this moment. She can also create a protective sphere around herself, made of lasers. The recall animation consists in the fact that several robotic hands first disassemble Program Camille into parts, and then teleport it. Camille creates a hexagonal holographic grid around the enemy, within which her energy is likely concentrated. The rest of the abilities use only the skin colors, practically without changing the way of interacting with the environment in enemies. Only some traces are striking, for example in the form of moving triangles

Think of her program Camille, not as a sentient or a robot but rather a program embedded into the body of a high-functioning machine. She answers to no one and takes her orders directly from the program’s superior. She has been put out there by the elders to stop the unauthorized use of superior technology and when someone crosses the line with it her laser beams would cut them in half or miniature pieces. Try to mask your steps better if you are tampering with the elder technology or pray that program Camille doesn’t find you EVER.

How to get Program Camille in 2022?

It is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP and if you are a fan of technological themes or Project themes, then it is created literally for you.

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