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Sandscourge Skarner

Rarity: Regular

Price: 975 Riot Points

Release Date: August 8, 2011

Concept: Skarner is a dangerous desert Scorpion.

Model: A new model for Skarner.

Particles: No new particles.

Animations: No new animations for Sandscourge Skarner.

Sounds: No new sounds.

Is it possible to buy Sandscourge Skarner in the game? Yes!

“Travelers seeking happiness on the open prairie should be especially careful at night when huge predatory Scorpions are seduced by the flickering light of campfires. Not one caravan was lost for these creatures, the bones of their passengers were completely gnawed.”

How to get Sandscourge Skarner in 2022?

We welcome all the summoners of the best eSports game of 2019, League of Legends, in our Smurfmania store! At the moment, more than one hundred million people have received a Green Card in Runeterra space, and each of them is trying to leave his unforgettable mark in this game! We have something for this, believe me! Since the release of the game and until its latest version, which was released very recently – on April 1, 2020, there were a lot of metamorphoses in Runeterra – many epic skins, like Sandscourge Skarner, and unique elements of the game were removed from the public by developers for reasons known to them only. Often these skins and their artifacts were placed in the LoL Heritage Vault for rare sale in the official Riot store, which opens these treasures for a limited number of launches. Which, of course, increases the rapidly growing interest in this content among the players, and even the serious cost – from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars – does not deter fans of the exclusive League of Legends and its fans around the world! Attention! We always have you, loyal citizens of Runeterra, you can purchase for life use with a full guarantee Unique, Epic characters and their artifacts at very reasonable prices, create your own personal collection of skins, and with them become the story of this game!

This skin, I’m sure, holds a particular place in the hearts of many Skarner players, as it was the most recent to be released – after a five-year hiatus, no less. However, I am unable to claim that it is the greatest. Yes, it has all of the modern skin’s bells and whistles, including particles strewn about. Not only does the character model make him look more significant and powerful, but it also makes him look less like a flying popstar podium. It doesn’t feel like Skarner, though. Instead of the normal crystal method, your W just turns your prestige. And your claws resemble a pair of clumsy wings.

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