Scarlet Hammer Poppy

Scarlet Hammer is a fictional character created by Scarlet Hammer Poppy aims to convert the small yordle girl into a destructive juggernaut, and it succeeds in getting part of its message out, but at the cost of Poppy’s individuality. The primary issue is that, despite her appearance as a powerful and formidable warrior, Poppy doesn’t truly look like Poppy and talks and behaves like a regular playful yordle. If you are keen to learn more about the Scarlet Hammer Poppy skin, go ahead and take a look at this review. We will share some of the most important aspects that you will need to be aware about the Scarlet Hammer Poppy skin. 

Despite the huge spaulders, the armor isn’t horrible looking and seems to be practical. The design of the helmet is noteworthy in that it is aggressive yet impractical. The hammer has a small, solid shape that seems hefty and menacing, and it goes nicely with the theme. Although the newest buckler is fairly ornate, its size may make it handy.

So far, Poppy has just changed her clothing and dyed her hair, but a look at her face reveals a different tale. The armor is clearly worn by a formidable, almost otherworldly warrior, but that person is not Poppy. As if she were possessed, her attractive, chubby face is given a empty look and a blank expression. Regardless, she still behaves and sounds like a joyful yordle girl, and may burst out laughing at any moment, which utterly negates the skin’s purpose.

Her new look is unmistakably terrifying, yet it contrasts with her humorous attitude. Her yordle disposition and strong-willed resolve aren’t in perfect harmony. Without it, Poppy’s skin takes on a rough, superficial appearance. It is necessary, but it does not reinterpret Poppy; rather, it alters her appearance.

In the end, it’s a good depiction of Poppy. The action is appealing, but the supporting characters are overshadowed. Despite being the key person, Poppy seems to be a supporting character who is only given importance due to the existence of foes. It may be claimed that it is a work that aspires to become more than a depiction but falls short in providing enough background. The image is still appealing, therefore it’s a useful splash art, but it’s not very believable. Hence, you may go ahead and get your hands on Scarlet Hammer Poppy skin.

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