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Slay Belle Katarina Review

Hey there, League of Legends champions and summoners alike! If you’re all about blending killer skills with the joy of the holiday season, then you’re in for an exciting ride. Join me as we explore the enchanting world of Slay Belle Katarina, a skin that effortlessly weaves together deadly precision and festive celebration. And mark your calendars, because this skin made its grand entrance on December 14, 2012, just in time to make your Snowdown showdowns even more epic!


Picture this: a world where Snowdown fashions aren’t just about looking good – they’re a cunning cover for the deadliest of missions. According to lore, Katarina dons a mishmash of yuletide outfits, using the holiday season to camouflage her high-profile assassinations. And if you ever hear the faint jingle of bells, trust me, it’s a signal to run before the blades start flying!

Concept and Inspiration

Brace yourselves for Katarina like you’ve never seen her before – dressed as an alluring Santa’s helper! Riot’s creative minds had a blast imagining our favorite Sinister Blade in this festive getup. With a candy-cane flair and a dash of seductive charm, Slay Belle Katarina is here to prove that even assassins have a soft spot for holiday festivities.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Let’s talk about the visual feast that is Slay Belle Katarina. Riot went all out to give Katarina a fresh makeover, introducing a brand-new model for both her and her trusty blades. Imagine her gracefully leaping around the battlefield, leaving a trail of mesmerizing sparkles with each move. And when she unleashes her Death Lotus, those ordinary Christmas lights turn into a dazzling display of destruction.

Animations got a revamp too! That recall animation? Completely reimagined. And the sounds? They’re not just any sounds – they’re the essence of holiday magic. With each recall, you’ll hear a melody that could make even the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes.

Unique Features

The magic of Slay Belle Katarina lies in the details. Riot has thoughtfully added Christmas sounds to her dagger movements, making every strike feel like unwrapping a present. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – during her spin (Sinister Steel), the incorporation of Christmas lights adds a touch of whimsy to her deadly dance.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Where can I snag this enchanting skin?” Well, summoners, here’s the scoop. You won’t find Slay Belle Katarina in the Riot store. Nope, this skin’s been stashed away in the Legacy Vault. But fret not, because where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can still get your hands on an account adorned with this skin over at

Gamers Feedback

The Slay Belle Katarina skin has received mixed reviews from LoL players. Many appreciated the addition of Christmas-themed sounds and animations, enhancing the festive experience. However, opinions were divided on aspects like recall animations and visual updates, showcasing the subjective nature of design preferences.

“When you pause while she uses her spin (Sinister Steel), it’s christmas lights. SO COOL!”

“This skin is so good.”

“Katarina almost got all themed skins, missing : Valentines, Battlecast, Void, Star Guardian, Super Galaxy, Blood Moon, Ice Themed.”

“This is a best kata skin.”

My Feedback

Speaking from the heart of a fellow gamer, I’ve got to say that the addition of Christmas sounds to her dagger movements and the twinkle of Christmas lights during her spin (Sinister Steel) are the little touches that put a smile on my face. They truly crank up the festive vibes and make me feel like I’m bringing the holiday spirit onto the battlefield.

But hey, I get it. Some animations, especially the recall and back animations, could’ve packed more visual punch. Change isn’t always everyone’s cup of eggnog, and I respect the nostalgia that players might have for the older version.

Conclusion and Rating

So, to sum it up, Slay Belle Katarina brings the holiday cheer with its charming effects and animations. While the color palette and model might’ve aged a bit, there’s still an undeniable allure to this Sinister Blade’s festive makeover. On a scale from summoner to legendary champion, I’d give this skin a solid 7 out of 10. It’s not a total game-changer in terms of visuals, but it’s a joyful addition to any Katarina player’s collection.

And there you have it, fellow gamers – the lowdown on Slay Belle Katarina. If you’re a fan of the Sinister Blade and you’re craving a dash of holiday magic on the Rift, don’t hesitate to add this skin to your lineup. It might not sleigh every style expectation, but it sure knows how to put the “festive” in “festively fatal”!


When was the Slay Belle Katarina skin released, and what’s its concept?

The Slay Belle Katarina skin was introduced on December 14, 2012, during the Snowdown event. The skin presents Katarina as a festive assassin, disguising her lethal missions with yuletide outfits.

What are the unique features and design elements of the skin?

  • Slay Belle Katarina features Christmas-themed sounds for dagger movements and incorporates holiday lights during her spin ability (Sinister Steel).
  • The skin showcases a fresh model for both Katarina and her blades, with sparkling effects and a candy-cane flair.
  • Her ultimate ability (Death Lotus) transforms ordinary Christmas lights into a dazzling display of destruction.

How can players obtain the Slay Belle Katarina skin in 2023?

  • The skin is not available in the Riot store and is considered a Legacy skin.
  • Players can find the skin on accounts available for purchase on platforms like

What is the player feedback regarding the Slay Belle Katarina skin?

Feedback from players is mixed. Positive aspects include the incorporation of Christmas sounds and animations, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Some players have differing opinions about recall animations and visual updates, reflecting subjective design preferences.

What’s the overall conclusion and rating of the Slay Belle Katarina skin?

Slay Belle Katarina is praised for its charming effects and animations that evoke holiday cheer. While the skin’s model and color palette may have aged, it still adds a festive touch to Katarina’s collection. On a rating scale, the skin receives a solid 7 out of 10 for its joyful additions, even though it may not drastically change visual expectations.