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Slay Belle Katarina

Katarina utilizes the holidays as a cover for high-profile killings, donning a mixture of Snowdown clothes to throw targets off her trail. If you hear jingle bells, get out of there.

Slay Belle Katarina is a legacy skin released on December 14, 2012. The skin is priced at 975RP as it was really well designed, pretty much justifies its pricing. The concept has Katarina dressed as a sexy Santa Helper. It’s currently not available to buy straight from the store as it’s placed in the legacy vault.

Splash art: The background is truly undefined, however the Christmas tree and walls provide some suggestions that it may be a corridor or a manor’s entryway. Regardless, much like the identity or even importance of the startled and falling man, it’s more supposition than genuine exhibition. Katarina’s illustration features a charming cartoon style and a unique arrangement. Slay Belle Katarina appears to have ripped a box open from the inside in order to make an unexpected entrance; nevertheless, she may simply be on an anti-present rampage. Her representation is excellent: the dynamic posture conceals her body and footwear. Moreover, while the shading is excellent, her hair is waxy, her outfit is wrinkled, and her right blade is simple. Overall, it’s a good portrayal of Katarina that gets the job done to a degree, although there are a few flaws.

Slay Belle Katarina is a lovely skin with a straightforward yet appealing concept: Katarina as a seductive Santa’s helper. The clothing is decent, and the antlers are acceptable, but the ensemble as a whole isn’t really stunning. The new blades, on the other hand, have an intriguing design that considerably contributes to the skin’s individuality. Although the particles are quiet, the little sparkles provide a beautiful touch to her activities. Death Lotus’ insertion of a string of Christmas lights is a more overt connection to the associated occasion, which is a nice touch. The new spinning stances are a little adjustment that goes unnoticed most of the time, but they add a little something more to her more lighthearted character, as her attire suggest. Slay Belle Katarina isn’t particularly stylish, but it’s still a good skin for the Sinister Blade.

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