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Snow Bunny Nidalee

Nidalee, a ferocious warrior who lives in the winter forest, isn’t satisfied with modest Snowdown festivities. She pretends to be Santa Claus for happy forest critters, scaring off intruders and defending her furry pals from danger.

One of the earliest known skins that made its debut in League of Legends is Snow Bunny Nidalee. After the game’s release way back on October 27, 2009, barely two months into the game, this skin was dropped as a legacy skin. You may be surprised about its price. As with other legacy skins these days, it was priced at 520RP, which is insanely low. Although it was a cheap skin back in the days, nothing much was changed to its regular counterpart. The concept of Snow Bunny Nidalee took some changes with a snow-based theme. The model introduced new textures and cougar forms. As for the particles, Animations and sounds, nothing changed. It now makes sense why they priced it lower than the legacy skins released nowadays. Today’s legacy skins get everything new from concept to sounds, every aspect of Snow Bunny Nidalee uniquely designed to justify their pricing of 1350RP.

You must be thinking it’s rare as it is the oldest skin in the game, you’re very wrong here. It’s a winter themed skin and usually goes on sale in the store every Christmas. So, it takes away the rarity aspect of this skin that could’ve made it special in the eyes of the OG players. It’s simple but often called an ugly skin cause there’s not much going on with it.

Splash art: Snow Bunny Nidalee postures dramatically as a blizzard hits the woods, despite the fact that the background scarcely reveals a setting. The cat image behind her is a nice touch, but it’s not properly incorporated as a reference. Moreover, although being eye-catching, her stance is clearly forced. However, the shading is excellent, and Nidalee appears to be fairly genuine. Her body, on the other hand, looks to be a little too weak for a savage warrior. The end product is undoubtedly a mixed bag. There are some fascinating components in the painting, but they must compete with the setting and artistic license.

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