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Snow Bunny Nidalee Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! Ready to dive into the frosty world of League of Legends skins? Well, grab your hot cocoa and settle in, because today we’re talking about the legendary Snow Bunny Nidalee skin! Unleashed upon the Rift on December 17, 2009, this Legacy skin has become a nostalgic treasure for many gamers out there. Let’s hop right into the snowy wilderness and explore the charm of this skin!


According to lore, she’s a fierce warrior who doesn’t just party during Snowdown but takes the role of a protective Santa for woodland creatures. Nestled in the winter forest, she’s not only battling intruders but also ensuring her adorable animal pals are safe from harm. Who knew Nidalee had such a heartwarming side, right?

Concept and Inspiration

So, about that “Snow Bunny” name – don’t get too hyped. Although we’d all love to see Nidalee as a giant snowflake-hopping rabbit, we’ll have to settle for something a bit less fluffy. Nevertheless, the snow-based theme brings a frosty freshness to our feral huntress. Sometimes, it’s the subtle winter touches that make a skin truly stand out, and this one nails it.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Alright, let’s break down the chilly style of Snow Bunny Nidalee. While it’s not a complete overhaul, the skin adds a breath of frosty air to Nidalee’s look. Her outfit might be more of a recolor, but hey, it works! The blend of soft pink and pristine white complements her ferocious aura. And don’t get us started on her cougar form – she transforms into a majestic white cat with pink accents and tusks that show character.

The design’s real star, though, is the splash art. From Nidalee crafting snow leopards to the presence of a gleeful Poro, there’s a Snow White vibe that’s just hard to resist. And that Poro? He’s like the cherry on top of an already delectable skin.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what sets Snow Bunny Nidalee apart from the crowd:

  • Festive Spirit: The holiday theme adds a unique flair to Nidalee’s fierce demeanor, making her a true snow warrior.
  • Charming Animations: Watch as her abilities take on a wintery twist, from her spears to her primal attacks. It’s like a winter wonderland on the battlefield!
  • Nostalgic Appeal: For those who’ve been around the League for a while, this skin is like a warm cup of gaming memories.
  • Playful Splash Art: Seriously, that Poro! It’s like he’s living the dream as Nidalee hands him a snowball.

Obtainability in 2023

Alright, brace yourselves – you can’t snag this skin directly from the Riot store. It’s tucked away in the Legacy Vault, waiting for the right moment to grace the Rift again. But hey, if you’re lucky, you might find an account with this legendary skin on platforms like

Gamers Feedback

LoL players are enamored with the Slay Belle Katarina skin for its festive charm and distinctive animations. Many express a longing for its return, willing to pay a premium for its unique design. Nostalgia for previous champion forms and a desire for improved visual effects are common themes among players’ reactions.

“Just want to say you are awesome for uploading all these skins so we can see how they are before we buy them =D”

“RIOT please put this skin back into sale o and visual snow on passive and spells would be sooo awesome O

“Depends what animations you like, I prefer Snow Bunny. Up to you.”

“Riot I fcking love you for opening this skin. I started playing like 2 months after that ‘snowdown’ so I couldn’t get it in time :/”

My Feedback

Reflecting on Snow Bunny Nidalee, I can’t help but feel a rush of nostalgia. This skin is more than just pixels – it’s a portal to gaming memories, a holiday-themed spectacle that never gets old. The attention to detail, the creative animations, and the sheer joy it brings to the League community make it a keeper. No, it’s not overloaded with bells and whistles, but it’s that simplicity that makes it endearing.

Conclusion and Rating

In a nutshell, Snow Bunny Nidalee is a blast from the past that still holds its own. From the snowflake-inspired design to the playful animations, it’s a skin that deserves a place in any Nidalee enthusiast’s collection. On my rating scale, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10 – it might not be the flashiest skin out there, but it’s got heart, and that’s what truly matters.

Keep an eye out, fellow Summoners. The snow may melt, but the magic of Snow Bunny Nidalee lives on, and who knows? Maybe one day, it’ll grace the Rift once again. Stay frosty, and happy hunting!


When was Snow Bunny Nidalee skin released, and what’s its theme?

Snow Bunny Nidalee was released on December 17, 2009, as part of the Snowdown event. The skin features Nidalee as a protective “snow warrior” in a winter forest, showcasing a festive and heartwarming theme.

What makes Snow Bunny Nidalee skin stand out in terms of design?

The skin offers a frosty freshness with its snow-based theme. Nidalee’s outfit is primarily a recolor, blending soft pink and pristine white, complementing her ferocity. Her cougar form transforms into a majestic white cat with pink accents and tusks that show character.

What unique features does Snow Bunny Nidalee skin have?

The skin adds a festive flair to Nidalee’s character, transforming her abilities with wintery animations. It holds nostalgic appeal for long-time players and includes charming animations that contribute to the skin’s overall winter wonderland aesthetic.

Can players still obtain the Snow Bunny Nidalee skin in 2023?

The skin is not directly available in the Riot store; it’s part of the Legacy Vault. Players might find accounts with this legendary skin on platforms like It awaits a potential return during specific events.

How is Snow Bunny Nidalee received by players?

Players express nostalgia and appreciation for the skin’s holiday-themed charm and unique animations. The skin’s design and its connection to gaming memories contribute to its enduring popularity. Some players wish for improved visual effects and champion form animations.