Snow Day Gnar

The Snow Day Gnar skin, along with the other Snow Day skins, was categorized as a legacy skin when it was made available on December 10, 2015. This skin was made available in 2015 as a way to celebrate and remember the Snowdown Showdown event that took place that year. This skin is based on how the developers literally made a model out of a Siberian Husky. This skin has a thick coat of fur, similar to that of a Siberian Husky, which is used to spending time outside in chilly conditions.

The splash art for Snow Day Gnar depicts a scene in which the sky, the clouds, and even the ice castle all have a blue coloration. There is no question that blue is the predominant color, and very few other colors are able to hold their own against it. Some trees are able to resist its dominion because they have dark foliage and clear snow, in addition to more of the same element located nearby. Without some penguins going in and out of the ice, there is nothing more to see but the champions. The snow day takes up most of the scene’s focus, so the background is mostly just there for filler. There is a wide range of quality between the various representations. In addition to this, the champions do not interact with one another and have very little connection or synergy with the environment in which they are competing. They could all be by themselves in any other location, and there would be no problem with their stock poses. Although there are a few anomalies, on the whole, that is the impression that can be drawn from the work.

Snow Day Gnar is depicted with vibrant colors, but these colors begin to fade as soon as the viewer’s attention is drawn away from his left hand and glove. The drab colors don’t make much sense, but the hunted penguin creates a beautiful backdrop for his entrance.

Let’s discuss the new particles that are being used in his auto-attacks and abilities. When he transforms into a huge Gnar, instead of throwing a boulder, he now throws a large chunk of ice. His bone boomerang has been changed into an ice pick, which he employs as an offensive weapon when he is in his normal state.

In the grand scheme of things, this is just a piece of functional splash art. It merely illustrates the three champions in front of an appropriate setting. There is not much in the spotlight that is interesting or that demonstrates something special about the champions or the overarching theme. In general, it’s not very satisfying at all.

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