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Spirit Fire Brand – skin released on October 21, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
– Arclight Brand
– Battle Boss Brand
– Zombie Brand
– Cryocore Brand
– Vandal Brand
– Classic Brand
– Apocalyptic Brand

He is a fiery demon who is summoned to take the souls of one’s enemies and cast them into the flames of hell. Soon, the vileness of their souls will be used as fuel in this never-ending fire. The powerful pyromancer and sorcerer known as Spirit Fire Brand’s only food source for the flames is his own dead flesh. In the splash art, Brand appears to be going through a period of uncontrollable rage. He appears to be an ostom with his arms raised high and burning with a blue fire. Additionally, blue tongues of flame emerge from his eyes and mouth. His arms are on fire. The savage grin of the Spirit Fire Brand is enough to send shivers down your spine. It’s possible that the magic flame, which burned Brand’s skin and transformed him into an odd kind of ghoul, is to blame for his appearance. In the video game, he is decked out in a shaman costume that is strikingly similar to the garb worn by Mayan priests. He has a golden mask on his head, and it appears to have two fangs attached to it, suggesting that he is some kind of carnivorous animal. Is not the image of the wild! The incredible power that this champion possesses is indicated by the constant glow that emanates from both his head and his hands, which is a combination of blue and violet light. This fire is extremely dangerous due to its strength.

The developers also added brand new, exciting particles that expose the pyromancer in all of his or her glory. Whenever he uses his auto-attack, he will hurl dark purple blotches of flame at his opponents. When you use the ability “Pillar of Flame,” a bright flash will appear, and then it will transform into a column of flame. Within this column of flame, you will be able to unblock the creature’s head. You will also have the opportunity to view an unusual animation during the recall that is connected to the fiery nature of Spirit Fire Brand. Suddenly, three little purple demons appear out of nowhere, clinging to him and attempting to pull him down with them.

How to get Spirit Fire Brand in 2022?

It is an epic skin to have the Spirit Fire Brand. This indicates that you can make the purchase from the in-game store at any time that is convenient for you. It costs 1350 RP to purchase the skin, and it is designed for players who enjoy liar and demonic-themed content.

In general, the Spirit Fire Brand is a nice skin, but it sometimes has the impression of being a re-color. To truly appreciate what it has to offer, one needs to take a closer, more careful look at it, and the reward is that it does not let one down. The fact that the flames continue to behave like flames and do not completely transform into demonic spirits that engulf the shaman’s victims is another reason why this phenomenon fails to amaze. There is still room for improvement in the overall concept, which is to be expected given the current pricing structure. Fans of the Brand will be ecstatic to find a skin that at long last dares to change his flames from the static ones that even the well-known Zombie has been forced to adopt. Fans of the Brand will be pleased to discover this skin.

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