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SSW Thresh Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! If you’re into League of Legends and have a thing for cool skins, then you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re diving into the world of gaming aesthetics, focusing on the remarkable SSW Thresh skin. This legacy skin, released on May 15, 2015, comes with a twist that’s sure to turn some heads. Whether you’re a dedicated Thresh main or just someone who appreciates a snazzy visual update, stick around as we break down what makes the SSW Thresh skin a standout choice in the League of Legends skin lineup.


Imagine a skin that honors the winning performance of a real-world pro gamer in the virtual realm. Well, that’s the story behind the SSW Thresh skin. It pays homage to Mata’s legendary victory as Thresh during the 2014 World Championship. Mata’s impressive skills and clutch plays were immortalized in the form of this skin, allowing you to step into the shoes—or rather, the chains—of a champion.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind the SSW Thresh skin is all about combining modern casual style with the rugged edge that defines Thresh’s character. Picture Thresh decked out in contemporary clothing and gear, offering a unique twist on his classic eerie appearance. This contrast creates a skin that feels both familiar and fresh, letting you experience Thresh in a whole new light.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Riot Games put their creative minds to work when crafting the SSW Thresh skin. The skin features a brand-new model and a subtle glow that adds an extra layer of visual interest. Thresh’s iconic scythe and lantern also receive a design overhaul, making them look cooler and more imposing than ever before. But it’s not just the model that gets the treatment—new particles bring his abilities to life with a golden touch, creating an eye-catching visual spectacle.

Unique Features

What truly sets the SSW Thresh skin apart is its captivating blue hue that replaces the standard green particle effects. It’s a simple change, but it completely transforms the skin’s aesthetic. Thresh’s abilities and attacks now radiate with a brilliant blue glow, giving off a whole different vibe. The recall animation is the cherry on top, showing Thresh snatching victory just like SSW did with the championship cup. This unique combination of design, particles, and animation forms a cohesive package that’s hard to ignore.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on this sleek and stylish skin. Well, here’s the deal: the SSW Thresh skin is not available for direct purchase in the Riot Store. It’s locked away in the Legacy Vault, waiting for special occasions when Riot decides to open it up for a limited time. However, there’s a workaround if you’re determined to add this gem to your collection. You can explore platforms like, where you might find accounts that come with the SSW Thresh skin. Just be sure to tread carefully and ensure the legitimacy of the source before making any transactions.

Gamers Feedback

The SSW Thresh skin has garnered attention for its distinct blue hue and unique particle effects, allowing players to stand out on the battlefield. While some LoL players appreciate its visual appeal and creative recall animation, others discuss potential gameplay considerations and compare it to other skin options.

“SSW doesn’t have any particle changing effects but championship has if you like the normal green particles on thresh u should go ssw if you love blue u should go championship.”

“I feel like it makes thresh’s q harder to see.”

“Unlocked it from a hextech box :D.”

“Is it earphone?”

My Feedback

Okay, let’s get real for a moment. The SSW Thresh skin is a visual feast that’s hard to resist. The switch from the traditional green effects to the mesmerizing blue ones is a total game-changer. Personally, I find this alteration incredibly appealing—it’s like giving Thresh a fresh coat of paint that makes him even more captivating.

Now, speaking of comparisons, folks have been drawing lines between the SSW Thresh skin and other fan-favorite skins like Blood Moon Thresh and Championship Thresh. While some skins go all out with the particle changes, I dig the SSW skin’s decision to retain the default green effects. It’s a nod to the classic Thresh we know and love. But here’s the twist: the blue hue got me thinking. In the heat of battle, could this altered color scheme potentially make Thresh’s abilities, especially that all-important Q ability, a tad harder to spot? It’s a subtle gameplay aspect that adds depth to my perspective beyond just the skin’s looks.

Conclusion and Rating

So, here’s the bottom line for all you summoners out there. The SSW Thresh skin is a unique gem in League of Legends’ treasure trove of skins. The vibrant blue hue, the carefully designed particles, and that victorious recall animation all combine to make this skin a head-turner. It’s unconventional, it’s visually striking, and it’s the kind of skin that makes you stand out in a crowd.

If you’re a Thresh enthusiast or just someone who appreciates a solid aesthetic upgrade, the SSW Thresh skin is definitely worth considering. On my rating scale, it lands a solid 8 out of 10. It’s not just a change of attire; it’s a statement that you’re here to play, to win, and to do it all in style. So, next time you’re on the Rift, why not unleash the power of SSW Thresh and make a bold statement in the game?


What is the SSW Thresh skin and its significance?

The SSW Thresh skin is a legacy skin released in May 2015, celebrating Mata’s victory with Thresh in the 2014 World Championship.

What’s the concept behind the SSW Thresh skin?

The skin blends modern casual style with Thresh’s eerie character, offering a fresh take on his appearance while remaining familiar.

How does the SSW Thresh skin differ in design, effects, and animations?

  • The skin features a new model, subtle glow, and redesigned scythe and lantern.
  • Abilities are enhanced with golden particles, and a captivating blue hue replaces the standard green effects.
  • The recall animation reflects SSW’s championship victory.

How can I obtain the SSW Thresh skin in 2023?

The skin is not directly purchasable and resides in the Legacy Vault, occasionally available during special events. It might be found on platforms like, but be cautious of legitimacy before transactions.

What’s the community’s feedback and considerations about the skin?

Players appreciate the skin’s distinctive blue effects and visual appeal. Some players discuss potential gameplay considerations, like visibility of Thresh’s abilities.