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Star Guardian Janna – is an experienced Star Guardian who serves as Lux’s mentor at the moment. This experienced Guardian is reticent to discuss her mysterious past, and she is frequently preoccupied with memories of a different period of her life at a different location. Star Guardian Janna is the most knowledgeable member of the team and has a tremendous amount of information regarding the team’s overall mission, which she uses to gradually bring the other members to a state of complete enlightenment. Her crew admires her poise and quiet strength, and even Jinx is surprised by the amount of respect she garners simply by being in her presence. Her crew is impressed by her.

Janna counts on Zephyr more than any of her other friends to keep her secrets. Star Guardian Janna is frequently surrounded by her calming aura, which enables her allies to maintain their composure even in the midst of the most intense battles. The joy and merriment that the other magical friends on the team exude is in stark contrast to Zephyr’s calm demeanor and understated personality.

Keep it simple: Playing the role of Janna doesn’t require much effort. Her arsenal is straightforward, consisting of only a single skill shot that has a wide range and is simple to use. Star Guardian Janna has the ability to manipulate time with her W ability. Her E acts as a shield, and her ultimate either heals or knocks back the enemy. Janna has the responsibility of keeping her ADC and the team safe at all times. Your arsenal is missing any actual skill shots, so completing this task should be simple. Because of this, “a lot” of technological know-how is not required to use Janna.

The changes that were made to supports items during Season 7 have made the Star Guardian role more rewarding. You and Janna are making me feel more like a member of a team than a lone ranger. Your party has benefited from items like atonement and ardent censer, as well as Mikael’s crucible, which have made the healing process more enjoyable and effective. They all have passive abilities that improve the player’s health and shields. If you use them in conjunction with your locket and your talents, you will be able to heal your allies more quickly.

Because of her ability to adapt, Janna is sometimes pitted against opponents or teams that have a significant advantage over her. Janna, the Star Guardian, can take on even the most difficult lanes thanks to her gear. You might want to fight Thresh because of his Q and E, as well as the fact that he might help the jungler gunk Janna! It is possible to achieve stalemate lanes by ensuring that Janna’s ADC is safe from harm.

This includes the E+Q combination used by Leona, as well as Alistair’s E+Q combination and the taunt used by Shen. As a direct result of this, it is more difficult to gunk and lane wipe her. Star Guardian Janna has the potential to prevent a powerful dive comp from diving with her ultimate ability. Her ultimate has a chance of rendering Rengar and Lee Sin ineffective within the context of a team fight, thereby rendering them useless. When she makes use of her core goods, such as redemption and ardent censer, her healing and shielding capabilities are significantly enhanced.

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