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Star Guardian Poppy

When you first begin playing a multiplayer game like League of Legends, you will quickly become familiar with a large cast of playable characters and skins. Such skins and characters are the most effective and amazing in reality, and Star Guardian Poppy happens to be one of them. Some people are overly possessive of their skill set, while others plot a whole lot better than others. There are also those who have a heart of steel and will jump before any disaster or challenge that is thrown their way.

Star Guardian Poppy is introduced here.

Do not be deceived by her timid appearance and her polite demeanor; she is all about clearing the enemies and winning any challenge that is thrown her team’s way. The fact that she takes the responsibilities of her star guardians more seriously than most other people is one of the characteristics that sets her apart from every other League of Legends skin that is currently available. You will know that Star Guardian Poppy has done a great job when you hear her roaring while wielding her mighty hammer and smashing in the heads of the enemies with it. When the arena is set up and the enemies are roaring, you have no choice but to let her take the fight to the enemy’s lane.

She wields a great hammer that is not only powerful but also obedient to her and her commands. She won’t bring any other weapon into the arena with her other than her light’s hammer, which is a sight to behold for the onlookers as it clears the arena of its adversaries. Anyone or anything that comes with malicious intent toward the guardians or your team is aware that Star Guardian Poppy is going to crush them and the cunning plans that they have crammed into their heads.

How to get Star Guardian Poppy in 2022?

The Star Guardian Poppy is an epic skin, which denotes that it is always available for purchase directly from the shop. You can get it by clicking here. However, you should hold off on purchasing it until it is included in a nice bundle so that you can obtain the skin as well as some amazing additional in-game content.

Should you go ahead and buy it?

If you want to be the first to hurl yourself towards the enemy with a strong will at heart to destroy them and earn a victory for your whole team, then you should use the Star Guardian Poppy skin. She will not deliver a sleazy or unconventional performance, but rather a spectacular fight that will send your enemies running in fear from where they came from in the first place.

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