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Star Guardian Syndra is a common skin from the Star Guardian category in the most popular MOBA of all time – League of Legends. The skin was released in September 2017 and became part of a series of similar skins: Star Guardian Ahri, Star Guardian Ezreal, Star Guardian Janna, Star Guardian Jinx, Star Guardian LuLu, Star Guardian Lux, Star Guardian Miss Fortune, Star Guardian Neeko, Star Guardian Poppy, Star Guardian Rakan, Star Guardian Soraka, Star Guardian Xayah, Star Guardian Zoe and, of course, the Star Guardian Syndra itself, which will be discussed today!
About: her orbs turned into evil kitten balls, this unusual addition already fully justifies the purchase, not every skin has such fascinating details, they start to laugh if Syndra activates its ult. Syndra herself is presented in violet-white clothes, on her head flaunts something like a purple crown decorated with precious stones, and her long purple hair is a great addition to the overall skin style, Riot did a great job this time!
In addition to the changed model, animations, appearance and balls in the form of anime kittens, Syndra received a number of new sound effects, and the balls turn into bubbles when they run out of health.
How to get Star Guardian Syndra in 2020?
Today, everything is simple: you can buy this skin in the League of Legends official store for 1350 Riot Points (RP), or you can buy a lol account that already has this skin, as well as many other great ones (including a very rare skins that have long been unavailable in the game) skins in our online store with instant delivery, excellent prices and a lifetime warranty. Strange things happened with some skins – Riot Games suddenly removed them from access, after which their price on Ebay and in online stores soared to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, and the skin itself became incredibly rare and valuable to any collector who understands in League of Legends. Therefore, we recommend adding this skin to your collection today, so as not to miss the moment and not regret the consequences.
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