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Statue of Karthus Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ready to dive into the world of League of Legends and uncover the secrets behind the legendary Statue of Karthus skin? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the lore, concept, design, and more of this iconic skin that’s been rocking the Summoner’s Rift since its release on July 03, 2010.


Imagine this: standing tall at the entrance of a powerful nation is a colossal three-hundred-and-five-foot-tall statue of none other than Karthus himself, the spooky undead preacher. But hold up, here’s the kicker – sometimes this towering statue springs to life, and trust me, it’s an absolute blast! Statues coming to life? Now that’s a twist even the most seasoned gamers wouldn’t see coming. Let’s just say, statues are not as stone-cold serious as we thought, and that’s what makes this skin a standout.

Concept and Inspiration

Alright, let’s talk about the wild and quirky concept behind the Statue of Karthus skin. Picture this: a lich, usually associated with chilling vibes, attempting to rock the Statue of Liberty look. Yeah, you heard that right! It might sound like a hilarious mismatch, but that’s where the charm lies. Combining the eerie essence of Karthus with the globally recognized symbol of liberty is a mix that’s equal parts chuckles and awe. Though the Statue of Liberty might not be the most globally relatable reference, it’s the sheer absurdity that makes this mashup so unforgettable.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Riot Games went to town with the design of the Statue of Karthus skin. They decked out our undead rocker in shimmering gold inlays on his shoulder pads, perfectly capturing the essence of the iconic statue. The staff? It’s got a torch on top, mimicking the real deal. Though there aren’t new particles or animations, the skin’s dance got an awesome new addition – an eagle cry! So when Karthus is dancing like nobody’s watching, there’s an eagle belting out its own tune in the background.

And let’s talk about that splash art – it’s downright breathtaking. Karthus looks like he’s pulling off some insane magic trick, with his body divided by a mesmerizing blend of white and orange sunlight. His robes might be intricate, but his crown and torch are unmistakable, staying true to the Statue of Liberty’s iconic features. Though his face is obscured and his arms are strangely humane, the overall effect is pure magic.

Unique features

Time to break it down. Here’s what makes the Statue of Karthus skin truly stand out:

  • Golden Glory: The gold inlays and torch-topped staff give Karthus an iconic and regal presence that’s hard to ignore.
  • Eagle Dance: A dancing Karthus accompanied by an eagle’s cry – it’s the little things that add layers of fun to your gaming experience.
  • Splash of Spectacle: The splash art is a feast for the eyes, with swirling magic, divided light, and intricate details that keep you hooked.

Obtainability in 2023

Curious about how you can get your hands on this beauty? Fear not, for the Statue of Karthus skin can be snagged from the Riot store for just 520 Riot Points. It’s a steal considering the uniqueness and charm it brings to your Karthus gameplay. Looking for an even quicker way to obtain it? Well, you can check out, where this skin-equipped account might just be waiting for you!

Gamers Feedback

The Statue of Karthus skin draws attention for its playful blend of humor and coolness, capturing pop culture references that contribute to its unique charm. However, some members of LoL community are disappointed by the lack of diverse ability effects, outdated splash arts, and missed thematic opportunities for alternative skins.

“Ima get this skin and scream ‘Murica’ in all chat when I am about to get a multi ult kill.”

“They should make a volcanic Karthus skin, his q would be like exploding flames, w like a wall of fire etc.”

“No matter how cool they are in game, I refuse to use any of my Karthus skins until they update those garbage splash arts -_-“

“I am America! I’ve come to bring you freedom!” haha..”

My Feedback

As a gamer who loves diving into the fantastical worlds of League of Legends, the Statue of Karthus skin is a definite head-turner. The quirky combo of Karthus and the Statue of Liberty is a stroke of genius that’s both amusing and awe-inspiring. However, I do agree with the community’s feedback on the skin’s abilities – they all sharing the same color is a bit of a missed opportunity. Some distinct effects could truly elevate the experience. And let’s not forget about the splash art; it’s high time we give Karthus’ visuals a modern touch to match his epic presence.

Conclusion and Rating

Wrapping it up, the Statue of Karthus skin is a fun and unique twist that adds a burst of humor to the gaming battlefield. The melding of Karthus with the Statue of Liberty is a match made in gaming heaven. Yet, there’s room for improvement, particularly when it comes to ability effects and splash art quality. With some tweaks, this skin could be a true masterpiece. Overall, I’d rate it a solid 6 out of 10. So, if you’re a Karthus aficionado looking to inject some lighthearted charm into your gameplay, this skin is definitely worth a shot!


What is the concept behind the Statue of Karthus skin?

The skin takes the eerie essence of Karthus and mashes it with the globally recognized symbol of liberty, the Statue of Liberty. This quirky combination brings a blend of chuckles and awe, making it a standout skin.

What are the unique features of the skin?

The skin features golden inlays and a torch-topped staff, giving Karthus an iconic and regal appearance. It also includes a dancing Karthus accompanied by an eagle’s cry during his dance animation. The splash art is visually striking, with intricate details that capture the essence of the skin.

How can players obtain the Statue of Karthus skin?

The skin can be purchased from the Riot store for 520 RP. Players can also explore third-party platforms like to potentially find accounts with this skin already unlocked.

What are the community’s opinions on the skin?

Players appreciate the skin’s blend of humor and coolness, with references to pop culture contributing to its unique charm. However, some players express disappointment with the lack of diverse ability effects and outdated splash arts for Karthus’ other skins.

What improvements could be made to the skin?

Community feedback suggests that adding distinct ability effects and updating splash arts could enhance the skin’s overall experience. Players believe these improvements could elevate the skin’s quality and make it even more appealing to users.