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Statue of Karthus

It’s important for players to experiment with League of Legends skins that aren’t necessarily their favorites, like the Statue of Karthus, even if it’s just for the sake of having some fun every once in a while. It is not a normal skin, normal in the sense that you will not experiment with it or equip it for the sake of progressing further with the game, such as taking on newer challenges and other things along those lines. Because it is not your everyday skin, a secondary skin that you occasionally don for the sake of having some fun with it, why? Perhaps, but it’s not going to be my primary focus.

A Contextualization of the Statue of Karthus

It is not to be used as a skin for players who want to advance further in the game because you literally can’t be a three hundred and five foot statue of an undead preacher holding a giant torch in one hand. Players who want to advance further in the game should not use it. It is not at all a comforting sight when you catch a glimpse of the Statue of Karthus moving and approaching you, as it sometimes happens. You can equip it for the purpose of having a taste of it, such as the qualities that it possesses, and possibly trying it out just for fun or checking it out. You can also equip it for the purpose of having a look at it.

Where can I purchase it?

It is a regular League of Legends skin, which indicates that you can always purchase it from the game shop. Additionally, given that it is a very basic skin, you can always find it in the loot or even have it given to you as a gift at some point during the course of the game.

How to get Statue of Karthus in 2022?

If you want to try it out for the fun of it, go ahead and give it a try, but you can’t use it as your primary skin that you can rely on to progress further in the game at all times. This was explained earlier, but there is hardly a real use case for this skin. It is helpful for frightening your enemies away or playing jokes on your friends and other players that you know within the game, but other than that, its only real use is for intimidating other players.

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