The League of Legends skin known as Super Kennen is one of the most in-demand items available. It first appeared in 2017 and has been consistently available ever since, undergoing a number of changes and upgrades that have kept it current to this day. It comes with new animations, visual effects, and sounds that are applicable to the theme of the skin whenever you are playing the game. The very first glimpse at the splash art is going to make it abundantly clear to you that this skin line is most likely based on Toy Story’s aesthetics and design aesthetics. Many League of Legends players consider Super Kennen to be one of the game’s all-time best champions due to the character’s innovative take on the popular miniature champion Ninja Yordle.

To begin, let’s talk about Super Kennen.

This little creature is going to become your best friend if you engage in overly extended gameplay on your part. Super Kennen gives you the opportunity to become your own here by possessing incredible lightning speed and bolts that it uses to attack its foes. The hairs are all white, and there are spikes protruding from the body in all directions.
The fact that he wears miniature goggles and a wrist band, in addition to the lightning logo that is located on his chest, all help to sell the idea that he is suave and sophisticated overall. Because it is the smallest and quickest League of Legends skin available, using it could give you an advantage over other skins that are significantly bulkier and move at an excruciatingly snail’s pace. If you decide to use it, however, you should be aware that there are other, slower skins available.

How to get Super Kennen in 2022?

Within the realm of League of Legends, this skin falls under the category of “regular,” which indicates that you are free to purchase it whenever you like from the shop. On the other hand, it may be more beneficial to purchase this skin as part of a starter pack. This way, you will not only receive the skin, but also a substantial discount on additional content, such as the acquisition of new abilities, weapons, or the unlocking of additional challenges and levels.

Should you make the investment in Super Kennen?

If you want to have the advantage of being extremely small and quick, or if you can figure out a way to play the game around it, then this skin is definitely for you. If larger foes tried to capture you, they would have a difficult time doing so because of your speed, and your ability to shoot electric bolts would be enough to stun even the most powerful opponent. However, it may not be very competitive against enemies that are faster when it loses its edge, so the decision as to whether or not you should purchase it is entirely dependent on the playing strategy you employ.

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