League of legends is among those multiplayer titles in which you have to put in all you have got in order to survive and move on with the multiplayer venture. You have to raise your XP, complete challenges, and gain momentum in terms of unlocking new skins to be able to do that. Some of these skins are free which means you get them after completing a certain challenge, other more legendary ones? You have to pay for their period just like Surgeon Shen.

Introduction to Surgeon Shen

Surgeon Shen is among the most incredible league of legends skin there is. It features Shen who is dressed as a surgeon and is wielding large enough scalpels, razor-sharp, and ready to have some action. Shen is a pretty serious league of legends character and this surgeon’s skin was meant to be as a joke at first but repetitively playing with it and seeing it in action definitely doesn’t seem to be funny but rather competitive.
He completely has a surgeon’s outfit with trousers that have pockets and overall with buttons. It doesn’t end here as you would see him with long rubber gloves, a cap, and definitely a pair of open crocs.

Surgeon Shen is a joke, and all jokes have the same problem: after a while, they cease being funny. It wouldn’t be so bad if the end result was appealing and fascinating, but that isn’t the case. The garments used by surgeons aren’t the finest for battle: they’re neither made to protect or to look beautiful. They’re made to be simple, easy to clean, and inexpensive to replace. Despite this, the skin does its best to show a well-dressed surgeon, however there is plenty of room for artistic license. The general style of the apparel, for example, is retro, yet it appears to be at conflict with presenting itself as such.

Where to buy this skin?

You can buy Surgeon Shen at the league of legends in-app purchases and can customize his outlook such as changing the color of the overall, trousers, and whatnot as this will give him a more personalized look that is different from player to player. Although you might also find other dedicated Shen skins such as Frozen Shen or Yellow Jacket Shen because not only these are more lethal but at the same time have a distinct aesthetical appeal.

Should you buy this?

Not every skin in League of legends is for you to take on new enemies and go about winning challenges, sometimes it is better to enjoy yourself a kickback a little and surgeon Shen allows you to do that. The skin is extremely fun and apparent to play with but that doesn’t mean that it can’t mean business. When you are not in the mood to play around or need to let out the league of legends player in you Surgeon Shen will be right on your side.
Those scalpels can win you any challenge if you put your mind and focus on it. So, at the end of the day if you are looking for something funny, articulate, and can still pack a heavy punch then go for Surgeon Shen by all means.

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