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Surgeon Shen Review

Hey there, fellow summoners and gamers! Since its debut on January 04, 2011, the legendary Surgeon Shen skin has been making waves in the League of Legends community. If you’re a fan of wielding oversized scalpels and showing off your surgical precision on the Rift, this might just be the skin for you. Get ready to scrub in and join us as we dissect the ins and outs of this unique skin!


Picture this: the operating room is prepped, the tools are ready, and Surgeon Shen steps into the spotlight. But don’t expect anesthesia in this procedure; the only guarantee here is a brush with death. The lore behind Surgeon Shen sets the stage for a darkly comedic adventure where precision meets peril. It’s all about embracing the chaos and diving into the surgical mayhem, making for an intriguing twist on Shen’s usual ninja persona.

Concept and Inspiration

Surgeon Shen steps onto the scene dressed to the nines as a surgical genius, armed with oversized scalpels. The concept is a playful nod to the medical world, complete with all the drama and danger you’d expect from a League skin. Picture Shen in scrubs, ready to take down opponents with surgical precision. It’s a blend of hilarity and heroism that adds a fresh layer of fun to your gaming experience.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Now, let’s talk about the design. The splash art for Surgeon Shen is a sight to behold: an operating theater, a nurse ready to assist, and a surgeon with a knack for oversized tools. The meticulous attention to detail shines through, even if the color palette is on the muted side. The lighting and composition draw you in, though some aspects of the depiction could use a touch-up.

The skin does its best to maintain a surgical semblance, but let’s be real – a ninja in medical gear isn’t exactly a conventional look. Despite the quirks, like stethoscopes and giant scalpels, the skin manages to keep its message clear. It’s all about the humor and charm of a ninja who moonlights as a surgeon, even if it’s a bit on the absurd side.

Unique Features

Now, let’s get into the meat of Surgeon Shen’s unique features. It’s all about those oversized scalpels – your new weapons of choice. These scalpels bring a distinctive touch to Shen’s attacks, making each swing feel like a precise incision on the battlefield. But that’s not all; the skin’s design captures the essence of a ninja-surgeon hybrid, walking that fine line between seriousness and silliness.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re ready to add Surgeon Shen to your collection, you’re in luck. You can snag this skin for 975 Riot Points in the League of Legends store. And if you’re looking for an even quicker way to score it, check out Smurfmania for an account that comes pre-loaded with this unique skin. The choice is yours!

Gamers Feedback

Surgeon Shen’s medical theme and unique attack animation have captivated LoL community attention, while the pricing and visual details have drawn some criticism. Despite the charm of the concept, questions about the skin’s value and refinement persist.

“I love this skin but it looks outdated, but still its a fun good looking skin.” 

“Shen seriously needs a visual update…” 

“Underrated skin.” 

My Feedback

Alright, time to roll up our sleeves and dig into some real talk about Surgeon Shen. On the plus side, the skin’s attack animation is a standout feature that sets it apart from the rest. The medical theme, drawing inspiration from the iconic “Meet the Medic” video in Team Fortress 2, adds an extra layer of charm. Who doesn’t love a ninja who’s also a healer?

But let’s address the elephant in the room – the pricing. At 975 RP, some might raise an eyebrow at the value offered, especially when considering that it introduces a new model without additional effects. Plus, there’s the matter of Shen’s proportions, particularly those wonky shoulder lines. It’s a minor gripe, but improving those small visual elements could elevate the skin’s overall look.

Conclusion and Rating

So, what’s the verdict? Surgeon Shen brings a creative concept to the table with its medical theme and quirky attack animation. The nod to “Meet the Medic” adds an extra layer of charm, making it a skin that stands out from the crowd. However, there are valid concerns to address. The price tag of 975 RP might not perfectly match the features on offer, especially given the absence of extra effects. Additionally, some visual aspects could use a bit of polishing.

Considering all factors, I’d give Surgeon Shen a solid score of 6 out of 10. It’s a skin that holds its own with its unique appeal, even though there’s room for improvement in certain areas. So, fellow gamers, if you’re up for some surgical shenanigans on the Rift, Surgeon Shen is ready to assist in your next operation!


What is the Surgeon Shen skin in League of Legends?

Surgeon Shen is a skin that transforms the ninja champion Shen into a surgeon armed with oversized scalpels. It brings a unique twist to the battlefield, blending humor and heroism.

When was the Surgeon Shen skin released?

The Surgeon Shen skin made its debut on January 04, 2011, adding a touch of medical madness to the League of Legends universe.

What are the standout features of the Surgeon Shen skin?

The skin’s most distinctive feature is the oversized scalpels that replace Shen’s usual weapons. These scalpels offer a new attack animation that adds precision and flair to each strike.

Where can I obtain the Surgeon Shen skin?

You can get your hands on the Surgeon Shen skin in the League of Legends store for 975 Riot Points. Alternatively, you might find it included in accounts available on platforms like Smurfmania.

What are the pros and cons of the Surgeon Shen skin?

On the positive side, the skin boasts a creative medical theme and a quirky attack animation. Inspired by “Meet the Medic” from Team Fortress 2, it brings a unique charm. However, some players have concerns about its pricing relative to its features and certain visual details that could use improvement. The skin is rated around 6 out of 10 considering all these factors.