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Sweeper Rammus Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ready to kick off with some League of Legends goodness? Well, hold on to your seats because today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Sweeper Rammus, a skin that’s not just about looking cool, but also about rolling through the competition like a boss. This skin is more than just pixels – it’s a whole new way to experience the Armordillo champion we all know and love. So, get ready to dribble down the lane with Sweeper Rammus, released on June 14, 2018!


“Be the ball.” Those were Rammus’s famous words before he was sent soaring into the top right corner of the field, a true GOAL! But now, it’s time to leave the pitch and enter the rift, where Rammus is all set to score some epic goals that will have you cheering louder than a stadium full of fans. From the football field to the battleground, Sweeper Rammus is here to make an impact!

Concept and Inspiration

Imagine Rammus, but make him an association football superstar – that’s the essence of the Sweeper Rammus skin. Inspired by the world’s favorite sport, this skin takes our Armordillo friend and dresses him up in the coolest football gear. From his iconic shell to his supercharged Powerball ability, Sweeper Rammus is the ultimate tribute to both football and gaming, a winning combination that’s sure to get your heart racing!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Alright, let’s talk about the visuals. When you first lay eyes on the splash art, you’ll feel like you’re right there on the football pitch, under the intense lights, and ready to make a game-changing play. Lee Sin makes a spectacular appearance, showing off his super-kick skills while Rammus takes center stage, engulfed in flames that symbolize his fiery spirit. The details are on point – the folds in their clothing, the metallic helmet, and of course, Rammus’s shell, which is the star of the show.

But the game doesn’t stop at the splash art. In-game, Sweeper Rammus truly shines. His shell transforms into a football shape, and he’s even dressed like a football player. While his clothes are simple and fitting, those spiked helmet and knuckles might seem a tad out of place – but hey, it’s all part of the classic design. The real standout is Powerball, where Rammus becomes the ultimate fast-rolling football, and it looks so good, it’s like the game itself got an upgrade.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what makes Sweeper Rammus truly stand out:

  • Powerball Bouncing Animation: Have you seen anything cooler than Rammus’s new Powerball animation? It’s like he’s literally dribbling through the rift, and it adds an extra layer of fun to his gameplay.
  • Defensive Ball Curl Enhancement: Rammus’s enhanced shell doesn’t just look good – it follows the outline of his design, making it simple yet effective.
  • Grass Particle Effects: These particles add a touch of nature to Rammus’s abilities, giving a sense of speed and power, especially in Powerball and Tremors.
  • Sounds of the Game: You’ll hear the crowd cheering and the whistle blowing in Rammus’s taunt, while Powerball’s bouncing sound just nails that football vibe.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, here’s the scoop – you can snag the Sweeper Rammus skin from the League of Legends store for just 975 Riot Points! Yep, you read that right. When the legacy vault gets re-opened, this awesome skin will be up for grabs. And you can even check out Smurfmania.com for an account that comes pre-loaded with the Sweeper Rammus skin. Score!

Gamers Feedback

The Sweeper Rammus skin impresses with its standout Q animation and endearing recall animation. LoL community appreciate its well-made effects and unique design. 

“The Q animation is flawless, and the recall animation is simply adorable. The skin’s effects are well-crafted, and its affordable price is surprising given its quality.” 

“Sweeper Rammus is a steal at its price. The animations and effects are top-notch, with the Q animation being a standout feature. The skin’s strategic potential balances out any drawbacks.” 

“While the skin’s spikes might reveal intentions, the taunt ability can strategically counter this. The skin’s value for the price is excellent, and the overall design and animations are captivating.” 

“The recall animation alone is worth it. The skin’s Q animation is exceptional, and its effects are well-crafted. It’s an impressive addition to Rammus’s skins.” 

My Feedback

Alright, my fellow gamers, let’s get real here. The Sweeper Rammus skin is a whole bundle of awesome. The Q animation? Perfection. It’s like Rammus is showing off his mad football skills with every roll. And that recall animation? Adorable, and definitely worth the RP. The effects? Top-notch, adding that extra oomph to the skin’s appeal. Some say those spikes might give your opponents a clue, but hey, with the right taunt strategy, you’re golden.

Now, here’s the real shocker – this skin is only 975 RP. Yeah, you heard me. It’s like getting an Epic skin without breaking the bank. Personally, I’m all about those unique animations and the overall charm of this skin. Sweeper Rammus has left a serious impression on me, and I can’t get enough of it.

Conclusion and Rating

To sum it up, Sweeper Rammus is a touchdown in the League of Legends skin lineup. With its innovative animations and football-inspired design, it brings a fresh and visually captivating experience to the game. From the flawless Q animation to the charming recall, the attention to detail is spot on. Sure, those spikes might spill the beans, but a skilled player knows how to turn that to their advantage.

For the price of 975 RP, Sweeper Rammus is a steal, offering a quality that rivals even higher-priced skins. On a scale of 1 to 10, this skin gets a solid 6 from me. The animations steal the show, and the unique design is what truly sets it apart. So, whether you’re a die-hard Rammus fan or just someone who loves a good game of football, Sweeper Rammus deserves a spot in your skin collection.


What is the Sweeper Rammus skin, and when was it released?

The Sweeper Rammus skin is a League of Legends cosmetic that transforms Rammus into a football-themed champion. It was released on June 14, 2018.

How much does the Sweeper Rammus skin cost?

The Sweeper Rammus skin is priced at 975 Riot Points (RP).

What are the standout features of the Sweeper Rammus skin?

The Sweeper Rammus skin boasts innovative animations, including a fantastic Powerball bouncing animation. The design includes a football-inspired shell and a cool recall animation, adding to its visual appeal.

Can I still obtain the Sweeper Rammus skin in 2023?

Yes, the Sweeper Rammus skin can be purchased in the League of Legends store for 975 RP when the legacy vault is re-opened. You can also find accounts with this skin pre-loaded on Smurfmania.com.

What’s the overall impression of the Sweeper Rammus skin?

The Sweeper Rammus skin offers great value for its price, with unique animations and a charming design. Its quality rivals higher-priced skins, making it a popular choice among gamers. The skin earns a solid rating for its appealing features.