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TPA Orianna Review

Hey there, fellow summoners and League enthusiasts! Welcome to a journey through time and gaming with a spotlight on the TPA Orianna skin. Flashing back to May 23, 2013, we’re about to dive deep into the electrifying world of this iconic skin that pays tribute to Toyz’s winning performance during the 2012 World Championship. Whether you’re an Orianna fan or just a lover of epic skins, this article is your guide to all things TPA Orianna. Get ready to level up your knowledge as we explore its lore, design, and what sets it apart in the League of Legends universe. Let’s jump in and uncover the secrets behind this legendary skin!


Picture this: it’s the 2012 World Championship, and a certain player named Toyz completely dominates the competition with Orianna. That’s right, the TPA Orianna skin is all about honoring Toyz’s winning performance during that legendary championship. It’s like stepping into the shoes of a true gaming legend and channeling their skills as you command the Ball with precision and finesse.

Concept and Inspiration

Ever wondered what Orianna would look like as a futuristic gaming gynoid? Well, wonder no more! The concept behind TPA Orianna is all about blending the charm of Orianna’s ballerina origins with a dash of futuristic flair. She’s not just any gynoid – she’s a gamer gynoid, ready to take on the League with style and attitude. It’s like having your own high-tech gaming partner right on the Rift.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Let’s talk visuals! The splash art of TPA Orianna sets the stage for an epic showdown in a massive arena, with champions vying for the spotlight. Mundo’s brute force, Ezreal’s cocky confidence, and Shen’s sneakiness – they all add a layer of personality to the mix. But the real star is Orianna herself, with a modern twist on her artificial features that still nods to her ballerina roots. Her trusty Ball isn’t just for show; it’s like a deadly flail, ready to unleash chaos in the battlegrounds.

Unique Features

Now, let’s break down what makes TPA Orianna truly special:

  • Modernized Look: Orianna gets a contemporary makeover that preserves her essence while adding a fresh, distinct style that’s uniquely hers.
  • Badass Ball: The Ball isn’t just a pretty accessory – it’s designed to pack a punch, giving Orianna’s abilities a deadly edge.
  • Esport spirit: This skin isn’t just about Orianna; it’s part of a team celebration, a testament to the victories of the TPA champions.

Obtainability in 2023

Okay, time to address the burning question: Can you actually get your hands on this electrifying skin? Absolutely! TPA Orianna is available for purchase in the League of Legends store for a cool 750 Riot Points, but only when the Legacy Vault is opened. And if you’re looking for a shortcut, you can also snag an account with this awesome skin over at Smurfmania.

Gamers Feedback

In the LoL gaming community the TPA Orianna skin resonates with sentimentality due to its rarity and recall animation, but falls short in terms of new abilities animations and overall polish.

“TPA Orianna skin is a nostalgic gem, reminding us of the Season 2 Championship. While its recall animation is a nice touch, the lack of updates on abilities does leave room for improvement.”

“As a dedicated Orianna main, I was excited for the TPA skin. Although the recall animation brought back memories, the unchanged abilities were a disappointment for me.”

“Bringing back TPA Orianna is a bold move, but the skin feels outdated. It could’ve been enhanced with new animations to make it feel more special and worth the purchase.”

“I appreciate the effort to celebrate TPA’s victory, but the skin feels like a missed opportunity. It’s more of a collector’s item than a fully reimagined skin. Not bad, but not exceptional either.”

My Feedback

Alright, time for some real talk from one gamer to another. Personally, I’ve got to say that the TPA Orianna skin leaves a bit to be desired. Given its 750 RP price tag, I was hoping for some killer unique animations, especially for her dissonance ability. Don’t get me wrong – the rarity and recall animation are noteworthy, and I appreciate the nod to the Season 2 World Championship. But in the fast-paced world of League skins, TPA Orianna falls a bit short when it comes to delivering those slick animations we crave.

The limited-time availability did stir up a mix of emotions among the community. While the intent to pay tribute to the winning team is clear, the execution doesn’t quite hit the mark in terms of effects. That being said, as a die-hard TPA supporter, I still hold this skin close to my heart. It’s like a piece of gaming history that I proudly display when I enter the Rift.

Conclusion and Rating

So, let’s wrap things up with a final verdict. TPA Orianna brings a blend of sentiment and style to the table. On one hand, its rarity and recall animation serve as a heartwarming throwback to the Season 2 World Championship. On the flip side, the lack of new ability animations leaves a bit to be desired, especially compared to more recent skins.

Considering everything in the mix, I’d give TPA Orianna a solid 6 out of 10. It’s a skin that’s perfect for those who want to rock the TPA team spirit and cherish their gaming history, even if it doesn’t quite hit the high notes when it comes to animations. But hey, in the end, it’s all about what resonates with you as a gamer, right? So go ahead, equip that skin, and show the world your TPA pride!

There you have it, fellow summoners! The lowdown on TPA Orianna and what makes it tick in the world of League of Legends. Whether you’re considering adding it to your collection or just curious about the gaming history it represents, this skin has a story to tell. Now go out there and conquer the Rift in style!


What is the TPA Orianna skin all about?

The TPA Orianna skin pays tribute to Toyz’s victory during the 2012 World Championship in League of Legends.

How does TPA Orianna’s design stand out?

TPA Orianna combines her ballerina origins with a futuristic gamer gynoid look, making her a unique presence on the Rift.

What’s special about TPA Orianna’s features?

The skin boasts a modernized appearance that maintains her essence, a formidable Ball with a deadly presence, and a celebratory team spirit.

Can I get the TPA Orianna skin in 2023?

Yes, you can purchase the skin for 750 Riot Points in the League of Legends store when the legacy vault is re-opened. It’s also available on Smurfmania.

What’s the verdict on TPA Orianna’s value?

While the skin holds sentiment with its recall animation and rarity, it falls short in terms of unique ability animations. It’s rated 6 out of 10 for its mix of history and style.