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Traditional Sejuani

Category: Legacy Skin
Price: 975 RP
Animations: No upgrades in terms of animations
Sounds: No upgrades and keeps original Voice-Overs for Sejuani
Introduction: Sejuani is our all-time favorite champion and this skin is more of a costume update for Sejuani and her great Bristle and Flail. The skin does not get any new animations added or some new voice-overs. However, noticeable upgrades can be seen with existing animations and sound effects are pretty decent with improved synchronization. Overall, if you are looking to get your favorite champion a costume upgrade that is pretty unique and does not want any abilities or strengths upgrades. Traditional Sejuani is the skin for you to choose from.

Animations and Sounds: While no new animations or sounds have been added to this skin. You can feel a noticeable improvement in the animations Traditional Sejuani already has with enhanced animations for the effects and abilities that are already there. Sounds are synced more perfectly to make the complete experience flawless and worth your consideration. The upgrade does primarily focus on the costume update, yet the bristle movements are improved a lot and you can feel a noticeable improvement in terms of animations for existing effects for Traditional Sejuani.
Pros: Traditional Sejuani primarily focuses on costume update along with an enhanced Bristle and flail and does not fail to impress in that regard. With an overall improved and noticeable feelings in animations that were already here with your favorite champion, the skin brings awesome and immersive audio effects to the table that you should definitely consider if you are looking for the perfect costume upgrade for Traditional Sejuani. A costume upgrade cannot get better than this as it does not only have an enhanced and re-designed costume but also have a great job done on animations and sound effects for the champion.
Cons: The skin primarily focuses visual upgrades and does not add anything new like any animations, sounds or any increased ability to your character. Also, it is not available in-game store all the time and can only be bought during the intervals when Legacy Vault is open.

How to Get Traditional Sejuani in 2020?
You can buy Traditional Sejuani, like many others, in our store at a great price, with a lifetime warranty and instant delivery!

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