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Tundra Fizz is I guess you could say a more “chillier” version of Fizz. Tundra Fizz was released on November 15, 2011, and costed 750 RP during its release. The skin is still available in the store for 750 RP and is easily accessible. This skin has a lot of interesting and immersive qualities that I will discuss later in this article. Since this skin is a much older skin, you won’t really see any crazy features like particles, and new animations.

Tundra Fizz in detail

It is a cold, and Ice-based skin. This skin is an alternative approach to normal Fizz, this time Fizz is dressed in heavy winter clothing, and looks like it’s from a colder biome. In a way, Tundra Fizz’s design kinda resembles that of an Eskimo, which is quite unique. The overall snowy/Christmas theme of skins in League of Legends feels kinda overdone, and overused. 

Is Tundra Fizz worth it?

It is a pretty cool skin, but you don’t get any particles, animations, or SFX which is a bit disappointing, but understandable considering this is an older skin. The texture change is still pretty cool though, and the snow theme on Fizz is definetly a unique skin choice for Fizz. Overall if you really like Fizz, and are looking for a cheap and cool skin, then I would recommend buying Tundra Fizz. 


Overall Tundra Fizz is pretty good I suppose. The new model is definetly really well done, but aside from that, there really isn’t much else I can say about this skin. It’s a simple yet cool-looking skin, and it is definetly far from bad. You get a really cool Ice trident too which is very nice, so definetly check this skin out if you’re looking for a “snowy” theme for Fizz. 

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