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Urf the Nami Tee is an interesting take on the champion Nami. This skin essentially turns Nami into a Manatee with a golden spatula. Urf Nami Tee was released on March 31, 2015, and the skin itself cost 975 RP. You definetly get some new interesting features with this skin, like a brand new particle, as well as a brand new model. Sadly you don’t get any new animation or SFX which is a bit disappointing, but understandable I suppose.

Urf Nami Tee in detail

Urf Name Tee changes a lot of attributes from the original Nami. This skin now makes Nami into a manatee, which is a nice change I suppose but could be a turn-off for some League of Legends player. The overall splash art and design are pretty well executed, and appearance-wise this skin does arguably pretty well. Even though there are new manatee models for her joke, they aren’t used anywhere which just seems like a waste.

Is Nami Tee worth it?

The skin itself has a pretty good design, but I would definetly say that Nami Tee is outclassed by Nami’s other wide variety of skins. Despite this, however, I still believe that this skin is potentially worth it if you’re looking for an affordable decently designed skin. The new model and splash art retrospectively are pretty good, so that is definetly a plus, but In my honest opinion this skin is average because I think there are better skins out there for Nami, but still, this isn’t a bad choice either.


Overall this skin is a pretty alright skin in my book. It definetly has some admirable qualities like the awesome new model and cool splash art. For 975 RP you definetly get some interesting stuff here, but the disappointing new particle Urf Nami Tee gets is definetly a let-down. This skin also doesn’t come with any new animations or SFX, which isn’t required for a skin to be good but is definetly something nice to have in a skin. Overall though Urf Nami Tee is an average skin, although it isn’t the ultimate masterpiece skin we were looking for, it’s still a nice little treat for Nami players & mains.

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