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Victorious Lucian is a very interesting skin in the Lucian roster. The skin itself is season 10 of the League of Legends victorious skins. Victorious skins are essentially skins that are released once a year towards the end of the season. These skins can be quite challenging to obtain for casuals and new players alike, but there are methods and feasible ways of obtaining this skin with the right strategy. These skins are typically available for a very limited time, so make sure to pick them up before they are gone. 

Victorious Lucian in detail

If you wanted to get your hands on Victorious Lucian, you must have reached rank Gold IV or higher to get this skin. Of course, the event is no longer active meaning that this skin is now unavailable. Long-term I expect this skin to become extremely valuable even if Riot decides to bring this back in the legacy vault. Victorious skins are notorious and infamous for being extremely rare, hard to obtain. It is also worth mentioning that this skin cannot be obtained by the traditional method of purchasing it with RP. 

Is Victorious Lucian a good skin?

It has a very cool design. The gold and purple plated armor is definetly the highlight of this skin. Victorious Lucian also has some epically designed chromas. All of Victorious Lucian’s chromas are definetly a highlight of Victorious Lucian. You probably won’t see this skin much online unless your fighting pro players which usually have most of the skins in the game. 


Although insanely rare, this skin has a really good design on Lucian. Victorious skins usually look pretty cool, and this one is no different. Although many could argue that Victorious skins are an overdone skin design; there’s no denying the significance that these skins have on the League of Legends community. 

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