Warden Jax in my opinion is one of the worst Jax skins in the roster. The “Warden” skin theme, in general, is quite overused in League of Legends, and while there are some good Warden skins, Jax isn’t one of them. At least the price is fairly reasonable costing only 750 RP, and the design is ok I guess, but overall this skin feels more like a “cash cow” for Riot games than an actual skin made with effort.

Warden Jax in detail

If you are familiar with the Warden skins, then Warden Jax just feels like another generic Warden skin, nothing too special to see here. In my opinion, I feel like Warden and Jax just don’t mix well together, because Jax is one of those champions that would be better off without a Warden skin. On a positive note, however, This skin does have a pretty cool helmet I guess. Other than that, however, there isn’t too much else positive I can say about this skin.

A multi-layered cloak, golden rims, and weighty plates, yet with free arms and legs for mobility. Warden Jax strikes a balance between safety and encumbrance, as well as form and utility. Such compromises, however, result in the skin becoming a bit of too many things. As a result, defining the persona that the armour seeks to represent is challenging. It’s a combination of royal, utilitarian, light, and hefty armour. As a result, it seems to compete with Nemesis Jax in some areas and, as a result, loses in the comparison. The ornately carved light pole is an odd choice. Except for the weapon, there isn’t a funny angle to the skin due to the armour’s design.

Is Warden Jax worth it?

I would personally pass on this skin, as there are far better Warden skins out there like Warden Nautilis and Warden Quinn. Sure it’s a fairly cheap skin, and has some appealing aspects about it, but there are far better skins on Jax like Temple Jax, And Mecha king Jax. If this seems like the type of skin you would like, then I won’t stop you, but in general, this skin does feel mediocre compared to the other options out there.


Overall I’m personally not a fan of this skin, I mean it’s ok at best, but it is outclassed by other Jax skins available in the store. On top of all of that, you don’t get anything particularly special with this skin, no special effects, and no new sounds. At least the skin is affordable costing only a mere 750 RP which is actually quite cheap compared to the average League of Legends skins. Beyond that cheap price, however, this skin really doesn’t offer much and looks kinda bland in my opinion. Warden skins are usually pretty good, but unfortunately, Warden Jax just doesn’t cut it for me.

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