Warden Quinn is a fairly new skin being released during the end of 2020. There was a lot of hype for this skin on social media, and Quinn mains were eager to try this skin. The Warden Quinn skin was announced alongside Warden Gargas, Marauder Kalista, and Marauder Kled. As usual, it cost 1350 RP (a common pattern with most modern League of Legends skins). Ironically I am fine with this price point, and I will get into why later.

Warden Quinn in detail

Warden Quinn does exactly what the name suggests; makes Quinn a literal Warden. Warden Quinn’s design is very angelic and prestigious. Warden Quinn’s overall design takes normal Quinn beyond the limits by transforming her into a Warden, which I think is very cool. I gotta give a round of applause for Riot, as they really nailed the design with this skin, the name perfectly fits the “intended design” of this skin, and I think that it is a really nice thing.

Quinn’s newest skin as of this writing, therefore it’s only natural that it’s also the flashiest. Quinn gets a complete armour outfit, allowing him to properly flex on the peasants, while Valor is transformed into a legendary Pokémon. It also includes entirely new animations, all of which are really impressive but nothing to write home about. After all, it’s Quinn. I questioned whether or not to use this skin in the first place, but ultimately opted against it because Quinn doesn’t look like herself. Valor’s magical design couldn’t take the two to the top because this armour combination gave off such strong Kayle feelings.

Is Warden Quinn worth it?

As mentioned before, I am not really frustrated with the 1350 RP pricetag, as for one this skin in my opinion is very much worth that price, because of its epic and outrageously good design. While many could argue that the “angelic” theme of skins is overused in League of Legends, I would say that some champions benefit greatly from warden & angelic skins; Quinn being a perfect example of that.


If you can forgive the steep price tag of 1350 RP for this specific skin, then I would say that this skin is definetly worth your time and money. This skin not only perfectly matches the name of the skin, but it also looks very good in combat, and has so many new features that make it quite great. I am aware, however, that this skin may not appeal to every League of Legends player. If you are unsure whether or not this skin is for you, then check the Public Beta Environment to find out!

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