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Warlord Shen Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving into the realm of League of Legends to explore the epic “Warlord Shen” skin. Released on April 17, 2012, this bad boy falls under the category of regular skin and can be yours for 975 RP. So, gear up and join Shen as he transforms into a colorful samurai, ready to unleash his might on the battlefield!


In this legendary skin, Shen takes on the persona of a formidable Shogun warrior, the mightiest of them all. He has no official lore, but you can picture him thundering onto the battlefield, wielding his ninjas with all his force. Embracing the essence of historical samurais, Warlord Shen is destined to be almighty!

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Warlord Shen is a delightful blend of fictionalized samurai fiction. It brings us a fantastic samurai-inspired warrior with a splash of flamboyance, but don’t be mistaken, this combo works surprisingly well! The overall look, coupled with the mesmerizing particles and animations, creates an eye-catching spectacle that’ll leave you wanting more.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The in-game design of Warlord Shen’s protective armor is a true mishmash of what actual samurais might have worn. Instead of sticking to one theme, the artists decided to go all out for the “epicness” factor, and boy, did they succeed! From his vibrant crimson sashimono fluttering on his back to the intricately designed ninjas, every detail screams “badass.”

As for the sounds, no new ones were added, but don’t fret; the visual experience more than makes up for it. Trust me; when you charge into battle as Warlord Shen, your teammates won’t be able to resist following your lead. Well, probably not, but a gamer can dream, right?

Unique Features

  • Ki Strike and Auto-Attacks: Prepare to witness an impressive display of new particles when you unleash your Ki Strike and auto-attacks. The effects will leave your enemies quaking in their boots!
  • Shadow Dash: The way Warlord Shen executes his Shadow Dash is simply epic. It’s a refreshing twist to a classic move, and you’ll feel like a true warrior charging into the fray.

Obtainability in 2023

You might be wondering if you can still get your hands on this extraordinary skin in 2023. The answer is a resounding “YES”! Head over to the LoL store, where you can snag it for 750 Riot Points. And guess what? You can even find accounts with the coveted Warlord Shen skin on Smurfmania! So, don’t miss your chance to join the ranks of legendary samurais.

Gamers Feedback

Based on the feedback from members of the LoL community, this skin seems to be universally liked and appreciated by everyone.

I love how all of shen’s skins are just re-textures, and no particle changes, makes me feel good as a Shen main.

Nice skin, i thought i wasted my rp buying this, but now… cool. especially the flag, sword and autoattack style. much much better 😀

Omg! Gonna buy this skin now. Already have tpa but the rework is so much better for warlord.

At least with this skin, Shen is holding his sword properly..

My Feedback

Now, let me share my personal gaming experience with the original Warlord Shen skin. When I first bought it, I was blown away by the new animations and the overall look. The revamped version looks 100% better than the original, hands down. It truly captures the essence of a fierce samurai warrior.

However, I do have a tiny gripe—the unique Ki Strike animation was removed after the update. While I understand the need for changes, I still miss that particular touch. Nevertheless, the skin’s overall awesomeness overshadows this minor drawback.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of champion Shen or just dig the samurai concept, the Warlord Shen skin is an absolute must-have. It’s a worthwhile addition to your collection, especially if you get your hands on the chromas—trust me, it’s totally worth it! However, it’s worth mentioning that some players have expressed a longing for the classic katana and wakizashi on a belt, rather than the shorter katanas on the back.

As for a rating, I’d give this skin a solid 7 out of 10. It nails the samurai theme with perfection, and the visual effects are stunning. So, summoners, step into the shoes of the mighty Warlord Shen and carve your way to victory on the battlefield!


What is the concept behind the Warlord Shen skin in League of Legends?

The concept behind the Warlord Shen skin is a fusion of fictionalized samurai fiction, creating a visually striking and flamboyant samurai inspired warrior.

What are the unique features of the Warlord Shen skin?

The skin features impressive new particles and auto-attacks, along with an epic execution of the Shadow Dash ability, making the gameplay experience visually captivating.

How can I obtain the Warlord Shen skin in 2023?

You can still acquire the Warlord Shen skin in 2023 from the League of Legends store for 750 Riot Points. Additionally, you might find accounts with the skin on platforms like Smurfmania.

What were the changes made to the Warlord Shen skin in an update?

In an update, the Warlord Shen skin received a revamp, enhancing its overall look and animations. However, the unique Ki Strike animation was removed in the process.

What is the community’s feedback and rating for the Warlord Shen skin?

Players have praised the skin’s captivating samurai theme and stunning visual effects. Some have expressed a desire for the classic katana and wakizashi on the belt instead of shorter katanas on the back. Overall, the skin has received a solid 7 out of 10 rating from the community.