Warlord Shen is an enhanced version of Shen with new a brand new model, along with new particles and animations. The name Warlord fits the skin quite well, and the overall design looks really cool on Shen.

Being released on 2012, this skin is nearly 10 years old but is surprisingly still available in the League of Legends digital storefront. Sadly this skin does not come with any new sounds, but default Shen sounds fine in my opinion, so a new sound isn’t that necessary.

Warlord Shen in detail

There is no debate that default Shen looks really good as a champion, but Warlord Shen gives Shen a new possibility with a different overall design and aesthetic. Indeed I do quite like these changes, as they give the skin more immersive and detailed qualities that help to create a well-rounded skin.

Just like Yellow Jacket Shen, Warlord Shen is yet another well-designed skin in the skins available for Shen. With all of the positives said, I will address that there are some minor issues with Warlord Shen. For one the lack of sound hurts this skin slightly.

Instead of looking like a classic armoured samurai, Warlord Shen appears to be a creative depiction based on many origins. To begin with, the armour appears to be a hybrid of kusari and tatami armour, resembling a yellow coat. Furthermore, the colors are rather brilliant, even if it passes for golden, regal armour. Even while samurai armour wasn’t always silent and black, as menpo and kabuto show, it might appear flashy. Other concerns include the need for short katanas on the back rather than the traditional katana and wakisashi on a belt. Furthermore, while the sashimono appears to be authentic, the rear of the armour and the legs, like the inside of the arms, appear to be plain and unprotected.

Is Warlord Shen worth it?

Considering that this skin is available for only 975 RP as opposed to your traditional average 1350 RP price, I’d say that this skin is definetly worth checking out. Yes, there is no denying its old age, and the fact that it has been around for a long time, but a skins age doesn’t determine the overall quality, in fact, it is, for the most part, irrelevant, although there are cases of “old-school League of Legends” syndrome that would affect some of the older skins, but, for the most part, that isn’t the case. My point is, don’t judge a book by its cover, because this Warlord Shen packs a punch for a 2012 skin.


Shen in of itself is already an amazing champion, and this skin only helps amplify that. This majestic and elegant skin is definetly one you won’t want to pass up on, as for the price of a mere 975 RP you get a lot for your money, and for that reason alone, I’d definetly give it a try. Warlord Shen not only has a fair price, with great new features, but a kick-ass design, and sick new particles. Sadly there is no new sound of any sort, but the abundance of quality features makes up for that. Overall this skin is very good and I highly recommend it, even if you do not main Shen, it might be a cool skin to add to your collection.

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