Warring Kingdoms Nidalee is the epicly majestic and magical skin for Nidalee. Costing only 975 RP at the store, this skin is quite indeed a refining skin in the Nidalee skin family. This lavishly and stylish skin is sure to spark the attention of Nidalee mains.

In addition to the awesomely designed apparel, this skin also has some really awesome new particles, and animations, making this skin superbly awesome.

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee in detail

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee’s main appeal is her overall design. Although the new particles & animations are breath-taking as well, the main attraction here is the really well-designed apparel & design that Warring Kingdoms Nidalee has to offer. So if you are looking for a fighter-like/warrior skin with a really awesome design, then Warring Kingdoms Nidalee is your choice.

As for her particles, and new animations, I’d say that they are pretty on par with your average new animation/particle. Her model however changes everything by giving her a new javelin in place of her old one, as well as changing her traps, and cougar form.

With her ornate decorations and intricate embellishments, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee resembles an imperial guard. Even if the stylization is solid, the regal air is evident, whether as a person or a feline. Nidalee’s outfit is gorgeous and nicely ornamented with an appealing red and gold design in human shape, and it’s both practical and stylish. Aside from the expected cleavage, Nidalee’s rich hairpin and fine javelin make it evident that she has first-rate gear in every way. Nidalee transforms into a white panther in Cougar form, but not only that. This feline is shielded by etched plates and is also gold-plated. Gold is also used to style the strange mane.

Is Warring Kingdoms Nidalee worth it?

It is quite a good skin and is definetly worth checking out if you are interested in Nidalee and her available skins. On top of all that, this skin is relativley inexpensive, only costing 975 RP as opposed to your average 1350 RP for most skins of high quality. Oddly enough you would think this skin is more expensive because of its “premium” like feel, but it is actually quite RP friendly.

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee might not appeal to everyone look-wise, but in my opinion, I believe this skin is very excellent because it is relativley inexpensive, and has all the qualities of a 1350 RP skin, making it quite a cost-friendly skin because you’re getting a lot for 975 RP.


It may be one of the best-designed skins in the Nidalee skin family. I would go as far as to say that this skin might also be the best skin overall in the Nidalee skin family, however, that is debatable as there are some other good skins in there as well.

Fun fact, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee is also quite popular among the League of Legends community. This skins popularity has spawned countless amounts of cosplayers and artists alike. Overall I would highly recommend you buy this skin as its a very good skin because of its fair price, and cool design. Still though if you are unsure, check the PBE (Public Beta Environment) to see if this is the right skin for you!

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