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Wildfire Zyra – regular skin in the most popular MOBA game of all time League of Legends. The skin was released by Riot Games on July 23, 2012 and is sold in-game for 975 Riot Points to this day.

What’s New? Wildfire Zyra got more than just cosmetic changes in appearance. The publishing company went much further, Zyra got a new texture, a new model and even a new Splash Art, as well as new visual animations, visual effects and sounds. All this is done in a style appropriate to the theme of the skin.

Bio: Once upon a time, Zyra was an ordinary forest nymph, however, it was not destined to go on forever. The infernals swallowed Zyra, turning it into a hellish creature, and its appearance changed accordingly. Her entire body is now covered with magma, and lava shines through on her arms and legs. Just think about how high the temperature is next to Wildfire Zyra … It’s hot in hell!

How to Get Wildfire Zyra in 2020?

This skin belongs to the Regular category, which means that this skin for Zyra can be bought directly in the official Riot Games store for only 975 Riot Points, and there is also a second option: if you need an excellent account that has already reached level 30 or even above, as well as on which there is this skin and many others (many of which have long been unavailable in the game), you can buy such a League of Legends Account directly in our store at a great price and at a discount. We provide instant delivery and a lifetime warranty! Hurry up in time to get all your favorite skins, because from time to time Riot Games will permanently remove a particular skin from access, after which their cost soars to hundreds and thousands of dollars! Many of these game items are already in our collection.

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