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Winterblessed Shaco Review

The Winterblessed Shaco skin, released on December 8, 2022, falls under the Epic Skin category, offering League of Legends players a frosty twist on the mischievous jester. Priced at 1350 RP, this skin introduces a chilly new concept, complete with a fresh model, textures, and animations, making it a tempting addition to any Shaco enthusiast’s collection. In this article, we’ll dive into the lore, concept, design, sound effects, and unique features of Winterblessed Shaco, exploring what makes this skin a standout in the Tales of Borealis lineup.


The Winterblessed Shaco emerges from the Tales of Borealis universe, where champions seek the favor of Polaris, the Aurora’s enigmatic figure. In a wintry setting, Polaris bestows gifts or punishments upon those who come seeking her grace. The Automaton Shaco finds himself indifferent to the bickering leaders, but when Polaris commands her “gifts” to corner them, he becomes an instrument of her judgment. Winter’s cruelty contrasts with the warmth meant to be shared, and through snow’s whirlwind, Polaris vanishes, leaving the Automaton and Beast to dispense her enigmatic will.

Concept and Inspiration

Tales of Borealis introduces players to an alternate future/universe within League of Legends, enveloped in a winter setting. As the legends go, champions vie for Polaris’ favor, hoping to receive the Aurora’s blessings or facing her stern punishments. The Aurora’s realm may be cold and dark, but its majesty and warmth captivate those brave enough to venture forth. Polaris graces the skies each year, with rewards for the virtuous and penalties for others. No one can escape her presence, and uncertainty reigns, reminding everyone of the fleeting nature of fortune.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The Winterblessed Shaco skin presents a stunning splash art, depicting the jester on a frozen lake under an enchanting, magical glow. The dagger in his hand seems purposeful, hinting at a hidden motive. Meanwhile, Diana hovers in the background, adding an air of intrigue.

The skin’s recall animation showcases Shaco amidst mini automatons dancing around him before returning to the base. As he slows down, the automatons rush to his aid, but Shaco’s trickery takes over, dismantling them with a swift dagger stroke. The animation reflects the skin’s winter-themed narrative while adding a touch of the jester’s classic deceit.

The skill particles boast a delightful touch of winter, with snowflakes and snowstorms swirling around Shaco as he unleashes his abilities. All effects and animations align harmoniously with the Tales of Borealis style, contributing to the skin’s immersive experience.

Unique Features

One of Winterblessed Shaco’s unique features lies in the chromas available for the skin. Players can choose from a range of colors, including Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, and Turquoise. Each chroma adds a distinctive flair, allowing players to tailor the skin to their taste.

The skin’s appearance itself is a testament to its uniqueness, embodying the essence of Tales of Borealis with its white-blue-gold coloring. Shaco’s blades, crafted from glowing crystals, add an elegant touch, reminiscent of a masterful artisan’s handiwork.

Obtainability in 2023

As of 2023, the Winterblessed Shaco skin can be acquired through the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. If you’re eager to get your hands on this frosty epic skin and experience the chilling allure of Tales of Borealis, you can easily make it a part of your Shaco collection.

Alternatively, if you prefer to skip the grind and instantly embrace the winter-themed jester, you can also consider purchasing an account with the Winterblessed Shaco skin from Smurfmania.

Gamers Feedback

The League of Legends gaming community has mixed reviews of this skin. I will leave below a few reviews of Winterblessed Shaco from real LoL players:

I think his recall dance is excellent. The rest unfortunatelly look too noticable”
“I don’t get why they don’t make better animations for Shaco, Janna, etc. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too long to just touch the animations.”
“I ADORE THIS SKIN, words do it no justice.”
“I don’t like how he looks, but the sound design is so good. Riot really have talented artists”

My Feedback

Now, let’s delve into my personal feedback on the Winterblessed Shaco skin. As an avid League of Legends player and Shaco enthusiast, I have had the chance to explore this skin and witness its strengths and weaknesses in action.

I must say, I am captivated by the skin’s visually appealing snow-themed effects and the charming recall animation. The winter touches add a fresh and enchanting twist to the mischievous jester, making each match feel like a magical frosty adventure.

However, not everything is smooth as ice. I find the Q animation a bit too noticeable, which can potentially give the enemy a slight advantage in detecting Shaco’s movements. For an epic skin, I expected more in terms of features and customization options to truly elevate the Winterblessed Shaco to legendary status.

To be fair, Shaco as a champion could also use a more comprehensive update to complement the skin’s theme better. While the Winterblessed Shaco has its strengths and certainly stands out among other skins, I believe there is room for improvement.

In conclusion, the Winterblessed Shaco skin offers a delightful winter experience with its visually captivating snow-themed effects and a unique recall animation. However, it falls short of delivering a truly remarkable legendary experience due to the noticeable Q animation and limited customization options. Shaco as a champion could also benefit from further updates to fully embrace the Tales of Borealis concept.


The Winterblessed Shaco skin emerges as an intriguing addition to the Tales of Borealis lineup, enveloping the mischievous jester in frosty allure. Its snow-themed effects and enchanting recall animation draw players into a winter wonderland, adding a fresh twist to Shaco’s classic style.

However, as with any skin, Winterblessed Shaco has its imperfections. The noticeable Q animation can be a disadvantage during gameplay, and some players yearn for more features and customization options to make this epic skin truly legendary.

For those seeking a frosty adventure with Shaco, the Winterblessed skin is worth considering, but beware of its limitations. Polaris’ judgment awaits, and it’s up to you to brave the winter’s chill and embrace the frosty tale of the mischievous jester.

Considering both its strengths and weaknesses, I would rate the Winterblessed Shaco skin a 5 out of 10.


What is the release date and category of the Winterblessed Shaco skin?

The Winterblessed Shaco skin was released on December 8, 2022, and it falls under the Epic Skin category.

What are the unique features of the Winterblessed Shaco skin?

The skin features visually appealing snow-themed effects, a unique recall animation with mini automatons, and comes with multiple chromas for customization.

What is the lore behind the Winterblessed Shaco skin?

The skin is part of the Tales of Borealis universe, where champions seek Polaris’ favor to receive blessings or punishments in a winter setting.

Where can I obtain the Winterblessed Shaco skin in 2023?

The skin can be purchased from the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. Alternatively, you can also consider acquiring an account with the skin from Smurfmania.

What is the reviewer’s opinion on the Winterblessed Shaco skin?

The reviewer appreciates the skin’s snow-themed effects and unique recall animation. However, they find the Q animation noticeable and suggest more customization options. The reviewer rates the skin 5 out of 10, suggesting there’s room for improvement.