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This skin similar to Withered Rose Talon has a purple and blue design with its skin. Also just like Withered Rose Talon, it cost 1350 RP the typical League Of Legends average for most skins. She wears an interesting-looking Eye/sleep mask, which makes you wonder if she can even see during combat. Despite this weird fact, I’d say the mask on Withered Rose Syndra actually looks quite cool, and interesting-looking.

Withered Rose Syndra in detail

Withered Rose Syndra has a lot of the immersive, and awesome qualities that Withered Rose Talon had. This is why this skin looks very cool, and flashy. One of the highlight features of her design though is her awesome-looking roses that she has around her.

Her dress has awesome looking blue and purple colors, that gives her such a unique design compared to most Syndra skins. The Withered Rose skin series in general has some really cool skins in it. A lot of the skins in the Withered Rose collection are very immersive and filled with enchanting and majestic purple and blue colors.

The majority of our prior skins were upbeat and pleasant, but this one is quite the reverse. Her demeanour screams nefarious purpose. Her hair is silver and she wears a black and purple outfit. Her orbs have also been replaced with flowers. They drop petals on Summoner’s Rift when she drags them or hits her adversaries with them. It’s one of the few skins in which another champion makes an appearance. During her recall, Zed appears for a brief period before fading, leaving Syndra bereft. To be honest, the animations aren’t really detailed. However, the entire thing is made up of fantastic sound effects. No other skin comes close to Riot’s achievement here.

Is Withered Rose Syndra worth it?

Withered Rose Syndra is such a well-designed skin, just like Withered Rose Talon. Overall I really like the “Wither Rose” theme in Syndra, and it gives Syndra a lot more immersion, and depth compared to her default skin.

The skin itself may not be worth it to everyone, but there is bound to be one player out there who takes interest in this skin and would be more than happy to purchase this awesome skin. Indeed this skin is quite breath-taking, and marvelous, but unironically, not everyone will see eye-to-eye on this.


At this point, I don’t need to re-elaborate just how awesome of a skin Withered Rose Syndra is, but just for the re-cap, it is an incredibly designed skin, with an incredible design, and awesome new model. Overall I’d say it is definetly worth looking into if you are interested in the Withered Rose skin series because it certainly is a very cool skin series that has a lot going for it.

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