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Worldbreaker Nautilus Review

Hey there, fellow League of Legends gamers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of skins, and we’ve got a real treat in store for you. Meet the legendary harbinger of the apocalypse, Worldbreaker Nautilus! This bad boy joined the Rift on November 10, 2016, and he’s part of the epic Worldbreaker skin theme. If you’re looking for skin that’s both fierce and regal, this one’s got you covered! Join me as we explore the lore, concept, design, and all the unique features of this skin.


Legends tell of a prophecy that foretells the rise of four titans, destined to bring about the world’s end. Worldbreaker Nautilus, the first of these monstrous beings, is said to emerge from the sea when the moon devours the sun. His appearance signals the arrival of a great cleansing tide that will sweep away all of humanity. The tale of this colossal titan is filled with darkness and impending doom, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Concept and Inspiration

In the Worldbreaker theme, Nautilus assumes the role of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. According to the legend, when the Worldweaver, Sun Goddess Karma, is consumed by the moon, four terrifying beings will rise to destroy the world. Worldbreaker Nautilus is the first of these Titans, rising from the ocean to unleash a cataclysmic tidal wave, dooming all in his path.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Worldbreaker Nautilus’s design draws inspiration from the ancient Aztec civilization. His body is adorned with regal ornamentation, resembling the Aztec Sun Stone, while the stylized back of his head pays homage to the eagle knights of old. The anchor, now a majestic statue, features a crowned face reminiscent of the Sun Stone’s center. It’s a perfect blend of Aztec aesthetics and Nautilus’s formidable physiognomy.

While Worldbreaker Nautilus may not boast new animations, sounds or particles, his skin’s overall quality is a sight to behold. The entire look exudes a Mayan vibe, with his golden “diving suit” embellished with gemstones. Though not the most practical attire for deep-sea exploration, it adds to the skin’s royal and fearsome aura. And trust me, when you’re playing as a harbinger of the apocalypse, you want to make a grand entrance, right?

Unique Features

Let’s break down what sets Worldbreaker Nautilus apart from the rest:

  • Aztec-inspired Design: The skin’s visuals pay homage to the ancient Aztec civilization, giving Nautilus a regal and awe-inspiring appearance.
  • Magnificent Anchor: The anchor has been transformed into an eye-catching statue with gleaming emerald eyes, adding to the skin’s overall grandeur.
  • Mayan Vibes: With its golden “diving suit” adorned with gemstones, Worldbreaker Nautilus rocks a Mayan-inspired look that’s truly unique.
  • Harbinger of Doom: Embrace your role as a legendary bringer of the apocalypse and strike fear into the hearts of your foes!

Obtainability in 2023

You’re in luck, as Worldbreaker Nautilus can be yours for just 750 Riot Points on the League of Legends store. If you’re looking for more instant gratification, you can also snag an account with this epic skin from

Gamers Feedback

According to the feedback from members of the LoL community, this skin is mostly liked by everyone.

“For some reason, I love this skin! I have the Astronaut one but I prefer this one now.”

“I don’t understand why the splash art is so good compared to the in-game skin.”

“Reminds me of the theme of Zandalar.”

“I have this in the fragment of God Lion Garen event. 2018. It is better than Kog’Maw Robot.”

My Feedback

Alright, let’s get real, guys. As a Nautilus main, I’ve got this skin in my inventory, and here’s what I think. First off, the concept is off the charts! I mean, a rarely explored culture like Mesoamerica combined with the apocalypse theme? Count me in!

The design is cool, but I have a tiny gripe with a golden tone. I feel like it could be darker, considering Nautilus hails from the deep ocean. And the anchor’s design could use some more weathering, you know, to give it that ruined and ancient vibe. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion.

The diving suit look is still present, which I dig, and the simple body plates give it that cartoony diving suit charm. For a 750 RP skin, the color palette works like magic, especially when paired with his base skin VFX. It’s a win-win situation!

Conclusion and Rating

In a nutshell, Worldbreaker Nautilus is a skin that oozes power, mystery, and a touch of apocalypse. It’s a fresh take on the often-overlooked Mesoamerican culture, and that alone deserves a round of applause. With its Aztec-inspired design and Mayan vibes, this skin is a must-have for Nautilus enthusiasts and those who appreciate unique and immersive themes.

Sure, it might not feature new animations or particles, but for the price point, you’re getting a ton of value. So, if you’re a fan of champion Nautilus or love the Worldbreaker theme, I’d highly recommend adding this skin to your collection.

I’m giving Worldbreaker Nautilus a solid 8 out of 10 for its concept and the sheer awe it inspires on the battlefield. Grab this titan of the apocalypse and unleash the fury of the ocean upon your enemies! Dive into the chaos, summoners!


What is the lore behind Worldbreaker Nautilus?

Worldbreaker Nautilus is part of the Worldbreaker skin theme, where he is depicted as the first of four titans destined to bring about the world’s end. Legends say that he emerges from the sea when the moon devours the sun, heralding a great cleansing tide to sweep away humanity.

What is the inspiration behind the design of Worldbreaker Nautilus?

The skin draws inspiration from the ancient Aztec civilization, featuring regal ornamentation resembling the Aztec Sun Stone, and the back of his head pays homage to the eagle knights. The anchor is transformed into a majestic statue with gleaming emerald eyes, adding to the skin’s grandeur.

What are the unique features of the Worldbreaker Nautilus skin?

The skin’s visuals showcase an Aztec-inspired design, a Mayan-inspired golden “diving suit” adorned with gemstones, and a fearsome appearance as a harbinger of the apocalypse. The magnificent anchor adds to the skin’s overall grandeur.

Does Worldbreaker Nautilus have new animations and particles?

No, the skin does not come with new animations or particles, but the overall quality and theme make it stand out as a fearsome and regal addition to the champion’s appearance.

How much does the Worldbreaker Nautilus skin cost and how can I obtain it in 2023?

The skin is priced at 750 Riot Points in the League of Legends store. It’s also obtainable through accounts that already have this skin on