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Zenith Games Jayce Review

The Zenith Games Jayce skin, released on 9 September 2022, falls under the Epic Skin category, offering a futuristic and thrilling experience for Jayce fans. Priced at 1350 RP, this skin introduces players to the exciting world of Zenith Games, a showcase sport for humanity’s new augmented abilities. Let’s dive deeper into the lore, concept, design, and unique features of this cutting-edge skin for our beloved hero, Jayce.


Jayce, the brilliant inventor of Piltover, has dedicated his life to defending his city and promoting progress through his transforming hextech hammer. As a revered hero, he has become the driving force behind the creation of Hammerjack, a sport that challenges athletes across various terrains and directions. In its first year at the Zenith Games, Jayce is determined to display the sport of the 22nd century like never before, showcasing his strength, courage, and intelligence in the pursuit of victory and glory.

Concept and Inspiration

Welcome to the Zenith Games, a sports tournament from the future that brings together the world’s greatest athletes equipped with cutting-edge augments and technologies. Zenith Games Jayce marks his first skin in nearly a year, and Riot Games has delivered a skin that lives up to the anticipation. The sporty theme of the skin fits perfectly into the world of Hammerjack, with new sound effects, visual effects, and a recall animation that add depth to the skin. The crisp sound effects are particularly noteworthy, setting this skin apart from other Jayce skins and making it a standout addition to any collection.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The Zenith Games Jayce skin offers a visually stunning transformation for the champion, giving life to the fantasy behind the concept. With a new model, fresh textures, and enticing splash art, this skin’s visual appeal shines brightly. Embracing a cyberpunk style, the skin features iron armor and a futuristic hammer that resonate with fans of the genre. The animations and particles further contribute to the captivating experience, immersing players in the thrilling world of Zenith Games.

Unique Features

  • New Model: Experience Jayce like never before with a cutting-edge model that reflects the futuristic theme of Zenith Games.
  • Enhanced Textures: The skin’s textures add depth and detail to Jayce’s appearance, giving him an edge in the arena.
  • Splendid Splash Art: The captivating splash art brings the skin’s concept to life, enticing players to join the sport of Hammerjack.
  • Cyberpunk Visuals: Embrace the cyberpunk style with striking iron armor and a futuristic hammer that perfectly embody the Zenith Games theme.
  • Thrilling Animations: Enjoy a fresh set of animations that breathe life into Jayce’s movements, making every action feel more impactful.
  • Engaging Particles: The skin’s particle effects, inspired by the sporty setting, add flair and excitement to Jayce’s abilities.
  • Futuristic Sound Effects: With crisp and immersive sound effects, the Zenith Games Jayce skin elevates the overall gaming experience.

Obtainability in 2023

In 2023, the Zenith Games Jayce skin remains accessible to players at a price of 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store. Additionally, players have the option to purchase accounts that include this sought-after skin on Smurfmania.com.

Gamers Feedback

The League of Legends player community has rated this skin neutrally. Below I will leave you some feedback from real LoL players:

“That splash art is carrying this skin so hard”

“Cool sound effects, but I don’t like the theme as much.”

“This skin is the worst battle academia jayce basically”

“Where is Superhero Jayce?”

My Feedback

In my honest opinion, the Zenith Games Jayce skin, while visually appealing and thematically fitting, leaves me a tad underwhelmed. As a Jayce fan, I was excited to see a new skin for my favorite champion, but I can’t help but feel that it falls short of my expectations. The splash art is undoubtedly a highlight, capturing the essence of the Zenith Games and showcasing Jayce in all his glory. The addition of a sporty theme with futuristic elements is a nice touch, aligning perfectly with his role as the inventor of Hammerjack.

However, when compared to other impressive skin lines like Battle Academia or Pulsefire, Zenith Games Jayce lacks the same level of excitement and uniqueness. I had hoped for a more daring and innovative concept, perhaps with a Superhero theme that truly sets him apart from his other skins. The absence of special home guard animations also contributes to my disappointment, as I believe they would have added an extra layer of immersion and satisfaction.

Furthermore, I can’t help but notice that the skin doesn’t quite match up to skins from other games like Wild Rift. While it’s enjoyable in its own right, I expected a more outstanding and memorable skin that truly makes Jayce stand out on the battlefield.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the Zenith Games Jayce skin offers a mixed experience for fans of the Defender of Tomorrow. The visual appeal and thematic elements are commendable, and the skin undoubtedly fits well with the concept of Zenith Games and Hammerjack. However, it falls short in terms of excitement and innovation, especially when compared to other skin lines in League of Legends.

Taking everything into account, I would rate the Zenith Games Jayce skin a 6 out of 10. It’s a decent addition to Jayce’s collection, particularly if you’re a fan of the sporty theme and futuristic aesthetics. However, I can’t help but feel that with a touch more creativity and attention to detail, this skin could have been even more outstanding and memorable. Nonetheless, it’s still an enjoyable choice for Jayce mains who want to spice up their gameplay with a fresh look.

So, if you’re a dedicated Jayce player and the concept of Zenith Games resonates with you, go ahead and grab this skin. But if you’re looking for something truly extraordinary, you might want to consider other skin options. Happy gaming, fellow summoners!


What is the release date and category of the Zenith Games Jayce skin?

The Zenith Games Jayce skin was released on 9 September 2022 and falls under the Epic Skin category.

What is the concept and inspiration behind the Zenith Games Jayce skin?

The Zenith Games Jayce skin is inspired by the sport of Hammerjack, invented by Jayce himself to showcase humanity’s augmented abilities. It represents Jayce’s commitment to defending Piltover and his pursuit of progress.

What are the unique features of the Zenith Games Jayce skin?

The skin offers a new model, textures, and animations, along with cyberpunk-style particles and animations. It also includes a captivating splash art that adds depth to the skin’s theme.

How can I obtain the Zenith Games Jayce skin in 2023?

The skin can be purchased for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends store. Alternatively, you can buy an account with this skin on Smurfmania.com.

What is the feedback on the Zenith Games Jayce skin?

While visually appealing and thematically fitting, some players find the skin a bit underwhelming compared to other skin lines like Battle Academia or Pulsefire. The absence of unique animations and its comparison to skins in other games also contribute to mixed reviews. The overall rating for the skin is 6 out of 10.