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Blackfrost Alistar

Blackfrost Alistar in detail

Blackfrost Alistar is a bit on the pricey side in terms of RP cost, the price is ruffly 1350 RP. Blackfrost Alistar is sorta like a frost giant, it has several attributes that give it the “frozen theme”. For one it’s quite massive, and its armor consists of ice; making its theme resemble something along the lines of “frost”.

Blackfrost Alistar is relativley easy to obtain since it’s still in the store. Most likely this skin will not go off-sale unless Riot Games decides otherwise however, it is extremely unlikely due to the popularity of the Blackfrost skin.

Alistar Blackfrost just makes you feel powerful. It leans more towards Malphite than the Alistar we’re used with, but it does it in such a distinctive way that it paradoxically became one of Alistar’s greatest skins. The default model portrays you as a world-destroying demon. The ability animations are also extremely impressive. The new Q animation contains visible debris, making the skill feel a much more powerful, while the E proc indication just looks like a Norse curse. Also, the ult animation is excellent, and the backing animation provides the chaotic energy required to properly play this character. Overall, this skin is the baddest of the group.

What are skins?
For those who are living under a rock, or are new to League Of Legends, skins change the appearance of a champion but do change the stats or abilities of a champion. It is important to understand this because new players often assume that skins will bring benefits to the champion however, that is simply not the case, since skins merely change the appearance of a champion and nothing more.

Every champion has more skins than others. some may only have a few available, while others will have several available. The number of skins varies depending on the champion. Each champion has at least 1 skin, so there isn’t a champion without one.


Chromas are special varriants of skins, that usually come in diffirent colors from the original skin. Most of these chromas can be purchased from chroma packs however, some can only be obtained through events. Event exclusive Chromas tend to be much more rare then one’s bought through chroma packs. Past event chromas can now only be obtained through the Hextech system, giving the player the ability to obtain previous event items, such as champions, skins, and chromas.

Blackfrost Alistar chromas

Blackfrost Alistar has 6 chromas in total. One of them requires the purchase of a bundle which would be red. The bundle cost 1215 RP. Considering each chroma cost 290 individually, I’d say you are getting a good deal for the bundle, you get all 5 chromas available in the store plus a bonus chroma for purchasing the bundle.








Blackfrost Alistar is an interesting skin in terms of creativity, and design. Blackfrost Alistar has frost armor and a really cool design. Like mentioned earlier, it is a bit pricey, but for the price your getting a really frosty skin, and if you like frozen armor, or are into the Ice theme, then this skin is for you!

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