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Camille Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of League of Legends to talk about one of the most intriguing champions around, Camille. This fighter-class champion made her grand entrance into the rift on December 7, 2016, and boy, has she made her mark. Camille can be found wreaking havoc in the top and middle lanes, making her presence felt with a blend of hextech precision and sheer determination.


Let’s kick things off with a little lore behind Camille. She’s no ordinary champion; she’s the Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros, a prestigious and refined agent whose mission is to ensure that the gears of Piltover and Zaun turn smoothly. But here’s the twist – she’s not just flesh and blood. Camille has taken hextech augmentation to a whole new level, and some wonder if she’s more machine than woman.

Her cold and ruthless demeanor comes from being born into one of Piltover’s most powerful families. She values patience and precision above all else and despises carelessness and mistakes. But, don’t let that steely exterior fool you; Camille can still surprise with empathy and teamwork, even collaborating with Zaunites when the situation calls for it.

Camille Abilities

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Camille’s abilities:

  • Passive – Adaptive Defenses: Camille gains a shield against the damage type (physical or magic) of the champion she’s attacking.
  • Q – Precision Protocol: Her next attack deals bonus damage and grants her bonus move speed. Use it wisely, and you can unleash some serious hurt.
  • W – Tactical Sweep: Camille unleashes a blast in a cone, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the outer half. Plus, she gets a heal for her troubles.
  • E – Hookshot: Camille grapples to a wall, leaping off it and knocking up enemy champions on landing. Talk about making an entrance!
  • R – The Hextech Ultimatum: Camille dashes to her target champion, anchoring them in an area and dealing bonus magic damage with her basic attacks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion

Now, let’s talk turkey about the pros and cons of playing Camille:


  • She’s got a high outplay potential, perfect for those who love to flex their gaming skills.
  • With built-in bonus attack speed, movement speed, dashes, stuns, slows, and heals, she’s a one-woman wrecking crew.
  • Camille has immense carry potential, with high mobility and one-shot potential thanks to her true damage on Q.
  • She’s decent at all stages of the game.


  • Camille can be item-dependent, so getting the right gear is crucial.
  • If she falls behind, things can get tough; she’s not the best at playing catch-up.
  • Facing hard bully lane champions can be a headache, especially early in the game.
  • She’s kind of mechanically intensive, so be ready to put in the practice.
  • Camille’s wave clear is weak without items like Tiamat.

Best Items for Camille

Now, onto the good stuff – what items should you be packing for Camille?

 Control Ward: These are your bread and butter, not just for Camille, but for every jungler out there. They help you track the enemy jungle, spot roams, and control vision around objectives like the Dragon Pit. Don’t skimp on these, even if you forget sometimes!

 Emberknife: This is your first buy. Challenging Smite is the way to go, offering more damage and tankiness. You won’t miss the slow from Chilling Smite with Camille’s built-in mobility.

 Plated Steelcaps: Versatile and essential. These boots give you extra protection against those pesky auto-attacks that everyone loves to throw around.

 Mercury’s Treads: When you’re up against Ability Power junglers like Elise or Evelynn, these boots are a solid choice. Especially helpful when dealing with heavy crowd control.

 Hearthbound Axe: The best Trinity Force component for Camille in the jungle. It provides attack speed, attack damage, and movement speed, all for a reasonable price.

Best Lanes and Roles for Camille

Alright, let’s talk about where Camille shines and where she might not be your best pick:

  • ADC (Bot Lane): Playing Camille as an ADC can be a bit of a gimmick, something you do for fun rather than in ranked games. If you decide to go this route, Warlords might work, but Fervor and Thunderlords are solid choices.
  • Support: Camille as a support can surprise your opponents, especially if you go for a sightstone and full tank build. But, if you’re planning to build Trinity Force and Tiamat, it’s better to avoid support as it delays your essential items.
  • Jungle: Camille isn’t terrible in the jungle, but keep in mind that a skilled enemy jungler can exploit her lack of early wave clear until she gets Tiamat. Her ganks are strong, especially post-level 6, but the recent W nerfs have impacted her jungle performance. Traditional supports may feel more comfortable in this role.
  • Mid Lane: This is where Camille truly shines. She boasts an excellent level 2 and can secure early kills with Ignite and Thunderlords in most matchups. Her roaming potential in mid is top-notch, and she hits her power spike much earlier. You’ll start with an assassin playstyle, then transition into a bruiser build. Just be mindful of your waveclear limitations as roams might cost you minions.
  • Top Lane: The classic spot for Camille. Be prepared to endure some tough matchups early on, as she struggles against many champions early in the game. Your goal is to farm up and reach your power spike as quickly as possible, typically with Trinity Force. Once you hit that point, you become a force to be reckoned with, except against Fiora, who can give you a run for your money.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Alright, let’s talk strategy. Camille excels against champions like Briar and Yasuo in the top lane. These matchups often end in her favor. However, beware of Wukong and Teemo; they can give Camille a hard time, so consider avoiding them if possible.

Price of this Champion in 2023

As of 2023, you can add Camille to your champion roster for 4800 Blue Essence or 880 Riot Points. So, she’s accessible for both your in-game grind and real-world wallet.

My Feedback

Now, let’s talk personal opinion. Camille’s design is impressive, with her sleek appearance and those eye-catching mechanical legs. However, I can’t help but wonder about the absence of visible signs of aging; she looks as youthful as ever. Her character design seems to prioritize aesthetics over thematic consistency. And let’s not forget those extra-large thighs; I suspect they might have something to do with her mechanical legs.

But, when it comes to gameplay, Camille is a champ that can carry from the top lane like no other. Her split-pushing, engagement, and assassination capabilities are second to none. She’s the most mobile top laner and packs a punch with her damage output.

Best Guide for Camille in 2023

If you’re looking for the best guide to master Camille in 2023, I’ve got a gem for you. Check out this guide: Camille Guide. It’s a treasure trove of tips and tricks to help you dominate the rift with Camille.

Best Skins for this Champion

Now, let’s talk style. Camille has a few skins that can give her a fresh look:

  • Program Camille: This skin surprised many with its robotic design and sleek animations. It leans heavily into technology and departs from her commander aesthetic but still brings some unique flair.
  • Coven Camille: If you’re into an occult, hellish look, Coven Camille might be your jam. It sports detailed armor and dark magic particles, making her look downright badass.
  • Arcana Camille: This skin adds a touch of magic to Camille’s look while retaining a regal vibe. Keep an eye out for those faces on her hips and cosmic ritual animations.
  • iG Camille: Combining elegance and technology, iG Camille is a sleek option with black wings and effective ability designs. It’s a top pick, even if it lacks chromas.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

And to wrap things up, here are some cool tricks and interesting facts about Camille:

  • Camille was the last champion released in 2016 and was designed to make players feel like in-control badasses.
  • Her design bears a striking resemblance to Lin Beifong from the series Legend of Korra, from appearance to profession and fighting style.
  • Camille’s passive is unique, as it exclusively protects against physical damage.
  • You can tell which shield type Camille will gain by checking the icon beneath an enemy’s health bar (orange for physical, blue for magical).
  • Camille’s E can cancel any channels in the game, including enemy Teleports.
  • Her Q resets the basic attack timer, and you can cancel the attack animation by casting other abilities, but the attacks will still land.

So there you have it, folks, a comprehensive rundown of Camille, the hextech powerhouse of League of Legends. Whether you’re slicing through foes in the mid lane or unleashing your mechanical might in the top lane, Camille has the style and substance to make your games unforgettable. So go forth, master Camille, and conquer the rift!


Who is Camille in League of Legends, and what is her lore?

Camille is a fighter-class champion known for her hextech augmentation. She serves as the Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros in Piltover, with a mission to ensure the smooth functioning of the city. Her background is tied to one of Piltover’s powerful families, and she values precision and patience.

What are Camille’s key abilities in the game?

Camille’s abilities include Passive (Adaptive Defenses), Q (Precision Protocol), W (Tactical Sweep), E (Hookshot), and R (The Hextech Ultimatum). These abilities offer a mix of damage, crowd control, and mobility, making her a versatile champion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Camille?

Advantages of playing Camille include high outplay potential, mobility, and carry potential with true damage. She remains decent at all game stages. Disadvantages include item dependency, susceptibility when behind, challenges against lane bullies, and a need for mechanical skill.

What are the recommended items for Camille in 2023?

Essential items for Camille include Control Wards, Emberknife (Challenging Smite), Plated Steelcaps or Mercury’s Treads, and Hearthbound Axe (a component of Trinity Force) for jungle. The choice of items may vary depending on her role.

Where does Camille excel in lanes and roles, and who are her favorable/unfavorable matchups?

Camille shines in the mid lane, top lane, and jungle roles. She excels in the mid lane due to her strong level 2 and roaming potential. Favorable matchups include Briar and Yasuo, while Wukong and Teemo can pose challenges for her in the top lane.