Challenger Ahri – skin released in 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
-K/DA Ahri
-Dynasty Ahri
-Midnight Ahri
-Foxfire Ahri
-Popstar Ahri
-Arcade Ahri
-Star Guardian Ahri
-Academy Ahri

Elegant, but at the same time belligerent skin. Ahri is a fierce warrior, capable of destroying everything in her path.
The visual style of the skin has changed and includes new textures and a model. The color of the outfit changed to red and now it fits perfectly to her tails. She also got a new hat. The whole image of the skin has become more gloomy and sinister.
Particles of the skin have also been recycled and now with the use of abilities you can observe new beautiful effects. Pink splashes look charming.

The recall animation has also been changed. Now, the Ahri sphere flies around it, after which teleportation occurs. In truth, it looks delightful and interesting. Well, Riot did a great job to improve this skin!

The champion can choose from a variety of cosmetics that showcase a variety of styles and looks. Here are some of Ahri’s favorite skins from over the years. As an assassin, she has a distinct playstyle, quickly closing gaps and luring her opponents in with her seduction to deal damage. While the champion is highly powerful, she is also well-known for her remarkable assortment of skins. The purple tones employed in the skin are similar to Kai’Sa’s base model’s artistic interpretation. Though these types of cosmetics aren’t new to League players, Ahri mains will be the first to see their beloved champion in this form.

How to get Challenger Ahri in 2021?
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