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Conqueror Karma
Category: Legacy Skin
Price: 975 RP
Animations: Upgraded recall and attack animations with additional strength.
Sounds: No upgraded sounds

Introduction: Karma is one of the strongest characters with laser attacking abilities that can give a really hard time for your enemies. This is a rare skin for Karma that is available on short intervals when legacy vault opens and you can buy it only during those intervals.
The skin is far beyond simple costume change and puts the character into a whole new dimension with impressive qualities and improved performance. The animations are exceptional and perfectly synced with sound effects to make your experience truly impressive.
Animations and Sounds: Animations are far more improved with this skin and you can feel an increase in strength laser ray on the skin that is red with smoother movement and far more impressive dynamics. The sound effects are synchronized flawlessly with each movement of the character and this illuminated upgrade is definitely worth giving a try. The sounds do not get any considerable change with this skin. However, they sync perfectly with the upgraded graphics and strength to make your gaming experience optimal and you can make the best out of this skin.

Pros: The skin does not only have extremely powerful strength upgrade abilities but does also come with a costume upgrade that is unique to have. This skin is equally efficient in terms of strength and agility, focusing not just on the graphic updates but also on increasing the character abilities considerably. The movement of character gets faster and you can get to your enemies before they anticipate getting a surprise attack factor that plays a role in your victory in the long run.

Cons: The only con this skin has is that it is not available on in-game stores all the time and you need to stay vigilant if you want to purchase this skin for the times when Legacy Vault opens and you can only purchase this skin during those times. This one is hard to get skin but worth the efforts and you cannot find a better skin for Karma than this Conqueror Karma skin.

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