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Death Sworn Viktor – This is an Epic skin added on October 26, 2017 to our favorite game League Of Legends Or abbreviated LOL, created by Riot Games.

What’s new? Death Sworn Viktor – Includes a new model, new texture, new splash art, new animation, new visual effects, new sounds. Sometimes includes: voice processing. The changes affected not only a change in image, but also a change in weapons! Animated skills animations such as: Return to base (B), Energy diversion (Q), Gravity field (W), Death ray (E) And most importantly, Whirlwind of entropy (R)

Bio and introduction: – Victor returns from the grave to fulfill his vision of a world where the living kneel before the dead. Vowed to expel all mortals back to the kingdom of the nonliving

History – a painful event – event skins were released for a particular holiday in Runet, usually coinciding with a similar real holiday. Some of these skins were previously limited skins, but they have since become a legacy, which means that they can return to the store again in the future.

What are the abilities of Death Sworn Viktor?
Death Sworn Viktor is one of the unique skin of the 5 skins of Viktor. But the abilities of all five skins are the same they differ in sound, music, and other characteristics.
Glorious Evolution causes the basic attack on the enemies. Siphon power is the blast that gains energy and magically damages the enemy.
The gravity field attracts the enemy in a circle and then slows its speed by stretching it towards the center. Death Ray uses a beam with a robotic arm to damage all the enemies in its way.
Chaos storm singularly targets the enemy with magical damage and its specialty is that it targets each enemy alone.

How to get Death Sworn Viktor in 2022?

At the moment, the skin is not available for purchase and was placed in the heritage store, its cost is 1350 Riot Points. Vault usually opens for a limited number of launches, and this skin can be purchased at the official Riot store. In my experience, it can be quite a long time between each opening of the heritage repository, hold on tight!

But I want Death Sworn Viktor!

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