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Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re delving into the epic world of League of Legends to talk about one of the most legendary skins out there – Dragon Knight Mordekaiser! With its fearsome appearance and impressive concept, this skin has left a lasting impression since its debut back in January 23, 2010. We’ll explore the lore, concept, design, sound effects, and more, so buckle up as we ride into battle with this mighty Dragon Knight!


In the annals of League history, the ancient dragons once heeded the call of a fearsome figure – Mordekaiser, the self-proclaimed Dragon Knight. He unleashed untold chaos upon the world, scorching it with his fiery might. But fear not, for a valiant order of Dragonslayers emerged to put an end to his tyrannical reign. However, even in defeat, Mordekaiser’s legend lives on, casting a shadow over the realms of Runeterra.

Concept and Inspiration

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser first emerged onto the Rift way back in early 2010, making it one of the oldest skins in League of Legends. This skin takes the formidable Mordekaiser and adorns him in a rusted, gold-engraved armor, wielding a matching mace that looks straight out of dragon lore. The fusion of metal and magic gives Mordekaiser a regal and menacing look that’s hard to resist.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer awesomeness of Dragon Knight Mordekaiser’s design! The skin showcases a unique and creative concept, with dragon-like features adorning Mordekaiser’s head, horns, and hair. The W ability transforms him into a dragonoid form, unleashing a whole new level of coolness.

Recently, this skin underwent a fantastic rework, refining its visual appeal. The changes brought a much-needed upgrade to the textures and models, giving the skin a refreshing and realistic look. The weapon got a revamp too, transforming into a massive hammer that gleams with blue brilliance. While there were no new animations or sound effects, the skin’s Creeping Death ability received a snazzy new particle, adding to its unique allure.

Unique Features

  • Visually impressive skin with a creative and menacing dragon knight concept.
  • The W ability transforms Mordekaiser into a dragonoid form, enhancing the coolness factor.
  • Reworked textures and models, giving the skin a fresh and realistic appearance.
  • A massive hammer as the new weapon, adding a touch of power to every swing.
  • A captivating Creeping Death particle effect that infuses life into the champion.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. As of 2023, Dragon Knight Mordekaiser is not available in the official LoL store, because it’s locked in legacy vault. But fear not, fellow gamers, for there’s a way to lay your hands on this legendary skin. Head over to Smurfmania.com, where you can snag an account boasting this fearsome skin and unleash your dragon fury upon the Rift!

Gamers Feedback

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser skin receives mixed reviews from the League of Legends community. Players appreciate the dragon-themed design, animations, and concept of a dragonoid turning into a dragon knight. However, there are suggestions for improving the transformation during the ultimate and matching ability effects to better reflect the skin’s theme.

“The skin’s head becoming hooded during the ultimate is a drawback. Adding a more dragon-like face instead of a mask and turning the little crown into a crown of horns would be awesome.”

“Damn, this skin is a pretty obvious refference to Hollow Knight. Great skin!”

“This is easily the best skin he has.”

“Love the model, effects, everything. wish they kept the vfx for the other abilities too”

My Feedback

Alright, fellow summoners, it’s time for my honest take on Dragon Knight Mordekaiser. As a devoted Mordekaiser main, I must say this skin is a true gem in the League of Legends collection. The concept of a dragon knight is simply fantastic, and it adds a whole new dimension of excitement to playing our metal-clad champion.

The revamped model and animations have taken this skin to new heights, and I can’t help but feel like a formidable force every time I step onto the Rift. The dragon-like features and the shining blue hammer make me stand out in the chaos of battle, demanding attention from enemies and allies alike.

The Creeping Death particle effect is a delightful touch, giving a unique flair to this skin. Every time I use it, I can’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline as the dragon’s power surges through me.

Conclusion and Rating

So, there you have it, summoners! Dragon Knight Mordekaiser is a skin that’s stood the test of time and still manages to impress in 2023. Despite the skin’s age, it has received a well-deserved rework, making it a must-have for any Mordekaiser enthusiast.

With its epic dragon knight concept, revamped model, and captivating Creeping Death effect, this skin earns a solid 7 out of 10 from me. It’s not perfect, but the potential it holds makes it one of my favorites for our metal-clad champ.

So, if you’re a fan of Mordekaiser or just looking to wield the power of a dragon on the Rift, I highly recommend giving Dragon Knight Mordekaiser a try. Head over to Smurfmania.com and get your hands on this legendary skin to unleash your inner Dragon Knight!


What is Dragon Knight Mordekaiser skin’s concept and lore in League of Legends?

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser is a fearsome figure who once controlled ancient dragons but was defeated by Dragonslayers, leaving a lasting legend in the world of Runeterra.

What makes Dragon Knight Mordekaiser skin stand out?

The skin features a regal and menacing dragon knight concept, with a unique transformation ability (W) that turns Mordekaiser into a dragonoid form.

Has Dragon Knight Mordekaiser undergone any recent updates?

Yes, the skin received a fantastic rework, enhancing its visual appeal with upgraded textures and models, and a revamped weapon design.

How can players obtain Dragon Knight Mordekaiser skin in 2023?

As of 2023, the skin is not available in the official LoL store. However, players can acquire it through third-party sources like Smurfmania.com.

What are some player feedback and suggestions regarding Dragon Knight Mordekaiser?

Players appreciate the skin’s dragon-themed design and concept but suggest improvements to better reflect the dragon knight theme, especially during ultimate abilities.