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Firecracker Sejuani Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! If you’re diving headfirst into the wild world of League of Legends, chances are you’ve encountered the explosive charm of the Firecracker Sejuani skin. This skin, released on January 28, 2019, falls into the Legacy category, which means it might pop up in the legacy vault for you to snatch up when Riot decides to let it shine again. Now, let’s get ready to unpack the sizzle and shine of this Lunar warrior-themed skin!


Can you feel the thunderous hooves and the fierce spirit charging in? According to lore, Sejuani, perched upon her mighty pig steed, is ready to trample through the Lunar Revel festivities like a force of nature. Charging forward with a whip crafted from low-grade explosives, Sejuani isn’t just a warrior; she’s a showstopper, and if you’re not paying attention, she might just trample your dreams into the ground.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Firecracker Sejuani is like a visual celebration. With a cartoony twist, the skin offers a clear, charming stylization that catches the eye instantly. What sets this skin apart is the look of her trusty sidekick, Bristle, who’s rocking an adorable pink and golden armor combo that screams Lunar Revel in the most delightful way. It’s a party, and everyone’s invited to watch Sejuani’s explosive entrance!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Picture this: Sejuani, dressed in vibrant red and gold attire, with an eastern flair that’s stylish and mesmerizing. Her flail, fashioned from a firecracker roll and crowned with a sparkling pig head, is a fantastical choice that fits her with an edge of elegance. The firework-infused particle effects breathe life into her abilities, with little bursts of colorful sparks accompanying each strike, adding that extra layer of visual spectacle.

The sound effects follows suit, with the satisfying metallic clinks of coins and the occasional piggy squeal when she charges into battle. While the metallic tones are dominant, it’s the subtle yet alluring fireworks that add a touch of dazzle to the mix. The way Sejuani’s abilities incorporate these elements makes for an impressive symphony of sights and sounds, showcasing Riot’s attention to detail.

Unique Features

As we ride deeper into the game with Firecracker Sejuani, the skin continues to stand out. Her ultimate ability, the Glacial Prison, takes center stage as a prime example of thematic execution. The measured display of fireworks accompanying the skill amplifies its impact, making it a visual treat every time you unleash it. Even the regular flail attacks shower sparks of color, lending an extra layer of enchantment to her battlefield presence.

Obtainability in 2023

So, here’s the deal, Summoners. As much as you might want to rush to the Riot store and snag this skin, you won’t find it there. Firecracker Sejuani is a bit of a party crasher, locked away in the Legacy Vault. But worry not! There’s a secret passage to this skin haven – you can actually acquire an account loaded with this skin over at That’s right, if you’re itching to ride into the Lunar Revel with Sejuani’s explosive style, you know where to look!

Gamers Feedback

LoL players have a mixed response to the Firecracker Sejuani skin, praising its captivating visual design, especially the fireworks effects during her ultimate. However, some express concerns about the integration of various thematic elements, such as coins, fireworks, and ice, with some feeling the skin could have been better aligned with Sejuani’s character. The skin’s legacy status and its impact on availability are also points of discussion.

“I love how the fireworks are quite invisible in this Firecracker skin.”

“i <3 it!^^ especially those fireworks when she ults!”

“One of the champions that doesn’t get much skin love tbh. Sucks because they could make some realllly nice skins for her since she has a lot to work with in her base model.”

“The voice doesn’t match the skin sadly. But it’s a really great skin overall!!”

My Feedback

Time for some real talk, guys. Firecracker Sejuani has its fair share of sparkles and quirks that make it a worthwhile addition to your skin collection. The way the fireworks light up her abilities, especially during her ultimate, is a visual feast that’s hard to resist. The recall animation, with its piggy dance party, is an adorable touch that showcases Riot’s commitment to playful details.

But hey, I won’t sugarcoat it – there are a couple of things that left me pondering. The mix of coins, fireworks, and ice does feel a tad disconnected, like they were thrown into a party without much coordination. I wish there was a more seamless fusion of these elements to really tie the theme together. While the skin’s visual bells and whistles are on point, some of the audio aspects, like the pig’s voice and Sejuani’s lines, could’ve used a bit more alignment with the new concept.

Conclusion and Rating

Wrapping it all up, Firecracker Sejuani is a skin that invites you to join a celebration rather than dominate the battlefield with stone-cold seriousness. Its cartoony flair captures the festive spirit of the New Year and adds an energetic twist to Sejuani’s icy persona. Sure, the golden regalia and coins might not steal the entire spotlight, but the overall result is appealing nonetheless.

On a scale of summoner satisfaction, I’d give Firecracker Sejuani a solid 7 out of 10. It’s not perfect, but it’s got that special something that’ll light up your gaming experience with a dose of fun and flair. If Sejuani is your jam, this skin is a must-consider addition to your collection!


What is the Firecracker Sejuani skin?

The Firecracker Sejuani skin is a Lunar Revel-themed skin for the champion Sejuani in League of Legends. It was released on January 28, 2019, and features Sejuani riding a pig steed and wielding a firework-inspired flail.

How does the skin’s design and effects stand out?

The skin offers a vibrant red and gold attire with an eastern flair, along with firework-infused particle effects for her abilities. Her ultimate ability, Glacial Prison, showcases captivating fireworks that enhance its impact.

How do players view the Firecracker Sejuani skin?

Players have mixed opinions about the skin. Some appreciate the engaging fireworks effects during her abilities, especially her ultimate, while others feel the thematic elements of coins, fireworks, and ice could have been better integrated with Sejuani’s character.

Is the Firecracker Sejuani skin easily obtainable in 2023?

No, the skin is not currently available for purchase in the Riot store. It is categorized as a Legacy skin and may appear in the legacy vault during certain events. Players can also find accounts with this skin on third-party platforms.

What’s the overall rating and recommendation for the skin?

Firecracker Sejuani offers a playful and festive twist to Sejuani’s character. While some thematic elements may feel disconnected, the skin’s captivating fireworks effects and overall design contribute to an enjoyable experience. On a scale of satisfaction, it receives a solid 7 out of 10 and is recommended for Sejuani enthusiasts seeking a fun addition to their collection.