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Fnatic Jarvan IV Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! If you’re a League of Legends enthusiast like me, you know that skins can take a champion’s gameplay to a whole new level. Today, we’re diving deep into the realm of skins with a spotlight on the electrifying Fnatic Jarvan IV skin. This Legacy skin has been creating waves in the League community since its release on September 24, 2014. So, gear up and let’s explore what makes this skin stand out!


Imagine honoring a legendary victory in the World Championship with your own in-game persona – that’s exactly what Fnatic Jarvan IV encapsulates. This skin pays homage to Cyanide’s remarkable performance during the 2011 World Championship. Talk about bringing real-world achievements into the Rift!

Concept and Inspiration

Ready for some modernized mayhem? Fnatic Jarvan IV boasts a fresh look that’s as sleek as it is sporty. The skin’s concept centers around Jarvan donning contemporary armor that not only modernizes his appearance but also adds a dash of sporty flair. It’s like he’s ready to score some touchdowns while dominating the battlefield!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Now, let’s talk visuals. Upon first glance, you might mistake Jarvan for an American Football player, but there’s more to this armor-clad warrior than meets the eye. He wields a fully bladed lance that adds an unexpected touch of lethal power. While his look might remind you of a sporty superstar, he also rocks glasses, earbuds, and a microphone – a high-tech twist that blends seamlessly with his battle prowess. The combination of his goatee, ponytail, and black armor with orange stripes gives him a unique edge.

Unique Features

What truly sets Fnatic Jarvan IV apart is its departure from the typical metallic and armory-like aesthetics of other skins. The skin’s simplicity shines through its distinctive splash art, and the modernized armor offers a refreshing twist on Jarvan’s traditional look. However, it’s worth noting that the fully bladed lance might have missed an opportunity to follow the sporty theme. Despite his fancy armors, this skin isn’t all about style – it’s about dominating the Rift with a modern edge.

Obtainability in 2023

Curious about how to add this electrifying skin to your collection? Don’t worry, summoners – you’re in luck! Fnatic Jarvan IV can be yours through the Riot store, thanks to its placement in the Legacy Vault. And guess what? If you’re eager to jump into the action with this skin in your inventory, you can snag an account with Fnatic Jarvan IV pre-unlocked at Smurfmania.com. Get ready to rule the battlefield in style!

Gamers Feedback

The Fnatic Jarvan IV skin garners mixed reviews from members of LoL community, showcasing a balance between appreciation for its unique design and disappointment over its perceived limitations. While some commend its departure from traditional aesthetics, others express reservations about its visual elements and the lack of particles.

“I did bought this skin because I’m getting tired of using my warring kingdoms j4 skin. IMO, this skin is absolutely cool.”

“IDK, I kinda like the skin it’s different; not too metallic or armory like the others.”

“I think it’s great and simple and that splash art looks really cool lol.”

“Hey Rito, we really need a new Jarvan skin! Plz, more Jarvan skins, all of them are old.”

My Feedback

Alright, time to lay it all on the line. As a devoted League player, I can’t help but express my enthusiasm for the unique qualities that “Fnatic Jarvan IV” brings to the table. The departure from traditional designs is like a breath of fresh air, and the skin’s simplicity doesn’t fail to catch the eye. The splash art alone makes me want to dive right into battle.

However, no skin is without its flaws. I’ve got to be honest here – the design of the sword left me a tad disappointed. It’s not that it’s unappealing, but it somehow feels reminiscent of another champion’s weapon. Given the potential for innovation and enhancement, I can’t help but wish for a bit more creativity in this department.

Conclusion and Rating

Summing it all up, Fnatic Jarvan IV earns its place in Jarvan IV’s skin repertoire as a modest addition. While it shines with its departure from the norm, I can’t help but feel that there were missed opportunities for even greater innovation. Considering all factors, I’m giving this skin a rating of 6 out of 10.

So there you have it, summoners! Whether you’re a die-hard Jarvan IV fan or simply seeking a fresh twist on a classic champion, “Fnatic Jarvan IV” offers a unique journey into modernized mayhem. Don’t miss your chance to rock this skin and bring a touch of sporty style to the Summoner’s Rift. Happy gaming, and I’ll catch you on the battlefield!


What is the lore behind the Fnatic Jarvan IV skin?

The skin commemorates Cyanide’s exceptional performance during the 2011 World Championship, bringing real-world achievements into the game by honoring a legendary victory.

How does the skin’s design stand out?

The skin modernizes Jarvan’s appearance with contemporary armor that combines a sporty flair and high-tech elements. He wields a bladed lance, wears glasses, earbuds, and a microphone, presenting a unique blend of style and battle prowess.

What makes Fnatic Jarvan IV different from other skins?

The skin departs from traditional armory aesthetics, offering a refreshing and simple design that stands out with its distinctive splash art. However, some players express mixed feelings about its visual elements and the absence of particle effects.

How can players obtain the Fnatic Jarvan IV skin in 2023?

The skin is available through the Riot store as it’s placed in the Legacy Vault. Players can also consider acquiring an account with the pre-unlocked “Fnatic Jarvan IV” skin from platforms like Smurfmania.com.

What is the author’s overall opinion and rating for the skin?

The author appreciates the skin’s departure from traditional designs, simplicity, and unique qualities. However, they express a desire for more creativity in certain aspects, particularly the design of the sword. The skin receives a rating of 6 out of 10 due to missed innovation opportunities.