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FrankenTibbers Annie – skin released October 18, 2011. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Frostfire Annie
-Hextech Annie
-Sweetheart Annie
-Reverse Annie
-Annie in Wonderland
-Red Riding Annie
-Goth Annie
-Panda Annie
-Super Galaxy Annie

This skin was released on the eve of Halloween – an international holiday, on the eve of All Saints Day. Moreover, this holiday coincides with a similar holiday on Runeterra, which is called in the game Harrowing. Moreover, Tibbers becomes a monster of Frankenstein, and Annie a gloomy bride. You can watch an incredible scene on splash art. Our Franken Tibbers, in the guise of Frankenstein’s monster, are furious. He was chained to an operating table and now freed from chains. Tibbers blows electric charges everywhere and FrankenTibbers Annie stands next to him. A small flame burns in her hand, and the image is truly mysterious and gloomy. In the game on it you can see a pink outfit. Annie’s hairstyle is unusual, her hair is pulled up, and on the sides are white wavy stripes. In her hand she is holding a teddy bear as usual, only this time it is a Franken bear. Franken Tibbers, however, looks horrific. He is dressed in a gray suit, screws are sticking out of his head, and seams are sticking out all over his body. He also exudes electric sparks in the game, in addition to the standard flame.

Unfortunately, Riot did not add new animations and particles to this skin. Although, they could go further and replace standard Annie flame particles with electric sparks. Well, this skin can be called wonderful and maybe after the next update it will be improved.

How to get FrankenTibbers Annie in 2022?

At the moment, the skin is in Legacy Vault, access to which Riot Games opens for a limited period of time in honor of an event. But now the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store and the only way to get the skin now is to buy an account with FrankenTibbers Annie already activated on it in our store. If you love Halloween and you like movies about the Frankenstein monster, then buy it soon.

FrankenTibbers Annie dresses up the small girl like Frankestein’s bride, but in a more infantile way. The clothing and bag are fine, but they don’t quite fit the bill for a monster bride; even the arm bandages don’t quite fit the bill. Due to the unique white lightning streaks, the hair is still expressive enough to offer a kid version of the bride. Tibbers’ enormous form, on the other hand, is a perfect match for the Monster. His unpolished motions and savage assaults, along with his patched physique and ragged clothing, give him a fantastic appearance. Furthermore, the electrically charged bolts on the head’s sides offer a distinctive touch.

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