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Glaive Warrior Pantheon Review

Hey there, fellow summoners and gaming enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the awesome world of League of Legends and one of its raddest skins, the Glaive Warrior Pantheon. This skin, released back in May 29, 2012, falls under the Legacy category, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. So, gear up as we explore the captivating lore, design intricacies, and all the goodies that come with this legendary skin.


Imagine this: a warrior born of a wolf, striding fearlessly through the frigid landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains. With the wolf’s indomitable spirit coursing through his veins, our Dacian glaive warrior embraces the thrill of battle, knowing that the crimson rivers of his adversaries will stoke the fires of his relentless resolve. The Glaive Warrior Pantheon, my friends, embodies the fierce spirit of a wolf and a champion unyielding in the face of adversity.

Concept and Inspiration

The creative minds behind this masterpiece envisioned Pantheon in the visage of a valiant Dacian knight. Just picture it: the stoic determination, the unwavering gaze, and the gallant armor that blends simplicity with allure. While his attire may seem unpretentious, it’s the majestic helmet and flowing cape that truly steal the show, leaving a lasting impression on any battlefield. This skin’s inspiration hails from the historical pantheon of Dacia, encapsulating the essence of ancient warriors.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Prepare to be blown away by the intricate design and captivating aesthetics of the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin. The armor, though elegantly understated, complements the detailed helmet and flowing cape, creating a striking visual contrast. The shield and glaive, adorned with intricate patterns, add a touch of complexity to the ensemble. Now, here’s the icing on the cake: the brilliant classic particles for Aegis Protection and Grand Skyfall, painting a vibrant spectacle against the skin’s subdued color palette. The glaive, with its unique design, may appear unconventional, but it wields a charm of its own. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the new animation for Spear Shot, adding an extra layer of dynamism to Pantheon’s moves. Splash art looks amazing! Pantheon is engaged in battle in the middle of a winter landscape. Behind him, warriors are running and it looks like he is leading the attack.

Unique Features

You won’t find a skin quite like Glaive Warrior Pantheon in the League of Legends universe. Its blend of historic Dacian warrior vibes, matched with the splendidly detailed armor and weapons, makes it a true standout. The intricate patterns on the shield and glaive are a testament to the craftsmanship that went into this skin. And hey, don’t forget about those mesmerizing classic particles during gameplay – they’re like the cherry on top of an already delicious gaming sundae.

Obtainability in 2023

Okay, let’s talk shop, shall we? As of 2023, getting your hands on the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin might require a bit of a journey. You won’t find it readily available in the Riot store, as it’s tucked away in the Legacy Vault, waiting for its time to shine once more. However, fear not, intrepid summoner! There’s a secret path to unlocking this skin’s epicness. Head over to, where you just might uncover the treasure trove that is the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin, bundled with an account that’s ready to unleash this awesomeness on the Rift.

Gamers Feedback

The Lunar Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin has garnered praise for its intricate design, captivating animations from LoL community. While some players express nostalgia for previous versions and minor design preferences, the skin’s attention to detail and visual appeal are widely appreciated.

“By far the best Pantheon skin. Colors and particles are amazing, creating a visually appealing experience.”

This is by far the best pantheon skin. They did so well on the colours and particles

“I love this Roman-themed skin ❤”

Gotta love the shining silver in this skin.

“Nostalgia for his robotic dance aside(“

My Feedback

Now, let’s get real personal, shall we? The Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin had me at first glance, thanks to its meticulously detailed shield and the way the silver accents catch the light. There’s a sense of authenticity in the design, like Pantheon is truly channeling the spirit of those legendary Dacian knights. The touch of Roman culture seamlessly woven into the skin’s theme adds a unique twist that’s both captivating and commendable. However, I’ve got to be honest with you, my fellow gamers. As much as I’m swooning over this skin, I do have a soft spot for the previous Pantheon design. Call me old-school, but that heart-like plate on the shield had me scratching my head a bit. I miss the circular design that had a certain charm. And you know what? When I look at some other champion skins, like Mordekaiser’s, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a tad bit more love sprinkled on Pantheon’s skins. It’s got me pondering the consistency in skin quality across different champs.

Conclusion and Rating

So, let’s wrap this up with a neat little bow, shall we? Glaive Warrior Pantheon, my friends, has made quite the impression on me. The craftsmanship and attention to detail showcased in its design are undeniably impressive, even though there are a couple of tweaks I’d personally prefer. With a dash of Roman flair and a sprinkle of historical homage, this skin stands tall among the Pantheon skins lineup. If you’re a fan of the champion Pantheon and are ready to embrace his Dacian warrior spirit, then this skin is a no-brainer addition to your collection. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d confidently rate the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin a solid 7. It’s a worthy contender that’ll make you feel like a legendary glaive-wielding warrior with every step you take on the Rift.


What is the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin?

The Glaive Warrior Pantheon is a legendary skin in League of Legends, released on May 29, 2012. It falls under the Legacy category and features Pantheon as a Dacian warrior with a Roman-inspired theme.

What is the lore behind the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin?

The skin’s lore portrays Pantheon as a warrior born of a wolf in the frigid Carpathian Mountains, embodying the spirit of both wolf and indomitable champion. He embraces battle with relentless resolve, symbolizing strength and fearlessness.

What are the design and unique features of the skin?

The skin’s design draws inspiration from historic Dacian warriors, showcasing a visually striking contrast between the stoic armor and intricate helmet with flowing cape. The shield and glaive exhibit detailed patterns, while classic particles enhance abilities like Aegis Protection and Grand Skyfall, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

How can I obtain the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin in 2023?

As of 2023, the skin is not readily available in the store and is kept in the Legacy Vault. It can potentially be acquired through sources like, which offers accounts bundled with the Glaive Warrior Pantheon skin.

What is the player feedback and rating for the skin?

Players have praised the skin’s intricate design, captivating animations, and Roman-themed elements. While some players express nostalgia for previous versions and minor design preferences, the skin’s attention to detail and visual appeal have earned it a solid rating of 7 out of 10.