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Haunted Maokai Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! If you’re a League of Legends player, you’re probably no stranger to the awesome world of skins. Today, we’re delving deep into one skin that’s been haunting the Rift for quite some time now – the Haunted Maokai skin. Released on October 25, 2012, this Legacy skin has garnered mixed reviews over the years. Whether you’re a fan of spooky themes or just love playing Maokai, this skin has something to offer. So, let’s break it down and see what makes Haunted Maokai tick!


Few locals dare to trick-or-treat past the forest just outside of town. Too many have vanished within that dreary woodland, where one feels the weight of unseen eyes, and even the trees are driven by a terrible hunger. This chilling lore sets the stage for Haunted Maokai, making it a perfect fit for those late-night gaming sessions where you’re ready for a scare or two.

Concept and Inspiration

Maokai, in his Haunted skin, takes on the form of a crude amalgamation of graveyard and tree. Picture this – tombstones, bones, and earth all rolled into one terrifying package. It’s an abomination that’s difficult to describe, but it’s undoubtedly eye-catching. Riot really nailed the concept here, giving Maokai a unique and spooky twist that sets him apart from his other skins.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Riot didn’t hold back on the visual upgrades for Haunted Maokai. They introduced a brand-new model for Maokai himself and his trusty saplings. These little guys are a highlight, with their fanciful model and fantastic animations. They truly add to the skin’s charm and appeal.

Now, let’s talk particles. Haunted Maokai brings new particles to the table, especially for abilities like Arcane Smash, Twisted Advance, and Vengeful Maelstorm. These particles give his abilities that eerie, graveyard-inspired touch. However, it’s worth noting that after Maokai’s visual update, some of these particles feel like a recolor of the classic ones. They aren’t as groundbreaking as you might hope, but they still fit Maokai’s gloomy style.

When it comes to sounds, Haunted Maokai doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Bramble Smash sounds just like the classic version. However, his animations are on point. His collapsing death animation and unearthing respawn animation perfectly capture his living cemetery theme.

Unique Features

Now, let’s dive deeper into what sets Haunted Maokai apart. The skin introduces a combination of tombstones, bones, and earth, creating a truly unique appearance for Maokai. It’s like he’s risen from the graveyard itself. Plus, his saplings steal the show with their charismatic design and animations. These little helpers make the skin feel alive, despite its spooky theme.

While the visual upgrade did wonders for the skin, the particles, unfortunately, fall a bit short. They are mainly a recolor of the classic ones, which can be a bit disappointing for players expecting a more dramatic change. Nevertheless, the overall look and feel of Haunted Maokai are captivating, making it a must-have for fans of the tree-like champion.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on this eerie masterpiece in 2023. Well, here’s the scoop: you won’t find Haunted Maokai in the Riot store. Nope, it’s locked away in the Legacy Vault. But fear not, young Summoners! When the Legacy Vault decides to open its spooky doors, you’ll have a chance to snag this skin for yourself. So, keep your eyes peeled and your RP ready for that moment when Haunted Maokai emerges from the shadows.

Gamers Feedback

Overall, Haunted Maokai has received a mix of opinions from the LoL community. Some players appreciate its thematic concept and in-game appeal, while others feel that it lost some of its charm after Maokai’s visual update. There are also desires for new features and questions regarding the skin’s availability for newer players.

“This skin deserved more love :/”

“I think this concept of this skin is better than other skins (Meowkai so cute :3).”

“Legacy skin with respawn animation added? Now I am praying Haunted Zyra to get one.”

“Am I the only one who wanted a new splash for this skin?”

My Feedback

Ah, Haunted Maokai, you hold a special place in my League of Legends heart. I remember you as the best skin for the older version of Maokai, especially before his visual update. Back then, you were a true standout, with a theme that perfectly suited our beloved tree champion.

However, after the visual upgrade, it seems that the skin lost some of its uniqueness and charm, perhaps appearing too similar to the classic Maokai skin. While opinions on this matter vary, I can’t help but express my disappointment that Haunted Maokai didn’t receive a new splash art. An updated artwork could have breathed new life into the skin.

But here’s the thing, fellow gamers. In-game, Haunted Maokai still shines. It surpasses its splash art by a mile. I wished for additional features, such as ghostly effects for Maokai’s ultimate ability, which could have added that extra spooky touch to the skin. Nevertheless, when you’re in the heat of battle, Haunted Maokai feels like the perfect choice.

Conclusion and Rating

In summary, Haunted Maokai has its supporters who appreciate its thematic concept and in-game appeal. It may have faced some criticism for not receiving an updated splash art and potentially losing some of its originality after Maokai’s visual update. However, the skin remains sought after by those who enjoy its spooky theme.

All things considered, Haunted Maokai is a great skin due to its interesting concept, well-chosen animations, and the adorable sapling help that adds a unique touch to Maokai’s abilities. If you can overlook its clear flaws, then it’s a skin that you can definitely enjoy.

So, what’s my final rating for Haunted Maokai? I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10. It might not be perfect, but if you’re a fan of Maokai or just love a bit of spookiness on the Rift, it’s a skin that’s worth adding to your collection.


What is the lore behind Haunted Maokai skin?

The skin’s lore revolves around a spooky forest where people disappear, setting the perfect stage for Haunted Maokai’s eerie theme.

How does Haunted Maokai differ from other Maokai skins in terms of design and visuals?

Haunted Maokai features a unique amalgamation of tombstones, bones, and earth, making him stand out. His saplings also have captivating designs and animations.

Is Haunted Maokai still obtainable in 2023, and how can players acquire it?

Haunted Maokai is a Legacy skin, not available in the Riot store, but it periodically becomes available in the Legacy Vault for purchase with RP.

What are the main feedback points from League of Legends players regarding Haunted Maokai skin?

Players have mixed opinions, with some appreciating its thematic concept and in-game appeal, while others feel it lost some charm after Maokai’s visual update. There are also desires for new features and questions about splash art updates.

What is the overall rating and conclusion for Haunted Maokai skin?

Haunted Maokai receives a rating of 7 out of 10 due to its interesting concept, animations, and unique saplings, despite some flaws. It’s recommended for Maokai enthusiasts and those who enjoy spooky-themed skins.