Burped forward from a decaying Void attack somewhere down in the badlands of Icathia, Kog’Maw is a curious yet foul animal with a burning, expanding mouth. This specific Void-bring forth needs to chew and slobber on anything reachable to comprehend it genuinely. However not intrinsically malicious, Kog’Maw’s dumbfounding guilelessness is risky, as it frequently goes before taking care of craze not so much for food, but rather to fulfill its ceaseless interest. Kog’maw is an awful animal with puncturing and expanding mouth, overflowing with crude interest. He was heaved forward from a spoiling Void in the badlands of Icathia.

Kog’maw is an interesting Void spawnling as the need might arise to bite and slobber on anything inside his compass to get it. In spite of the fact that he isn’t innately malicious, his bewildering gullibility can be dangerous, as he frequently goes before taking care of furor to fulfill his ceaseless interest.



In a summary ruin in Icathia, a Void spawnling known as Kog’maw traveled to Valoran with overflowing interest. The craving which pushed him to investigate Runeterra prodded him constantly, uplifting him to really get to know his environmental elements.

Kog’maw got inebriated by the dazzling tones and smells of Runeterra, investigating the products of the peculiar world by eating up them. At first, Kog’maw just examined the wild greenery he went over during his excursion.

Nonetheless, as he ventured to every part of the Tempest Flats, he happened upon a clan of mortal wanderers. He then consumed each migrant and any impediment in his manner, adding up to numerous times his little mass and volume. Whenever Kog’maw’s wake of the calamity arrived at the Institute of War, Malzahar welcomed him with a thrilling possibility to taste all that Runeterra could offer on the Field of Justice.



Kog’Maw was made by the very element that ruined Malzahar, being let out from The Void in Shurima. It burned through the vast majority of its first days on Runeterra investigating and eating up most things that he saw. It is gradually being drawn towards Malzahar, the motivation behind this force and what will happen when the two meet are both obscure.



Kog’Maw is a bipedal animal with short legs that give way to a little chest area, generally taken up by his head. He has four eyes, a somewhat spiked body, and a barrel-shaped tongue that Kog’Maw can stand out freely. He has three toes on each foot and is shaded blue on the lower half of his body and sand hued on the upper half.



Kog’Maw is an inquisitive animal with pattern senses and appears to have no character or awareness past that. It isn’t known how much he can get itself or its environmental factors.



ICATHIAN SURPRISE– 4 seconds subsequent to passing on, Kogmaw detonates, managing genuine harm to encompassing foes. This latent expertise permits Kog’maw to move for four seconds and become unfit to projected capacities, summoner spells, actuate things or perform fundamental assaults. He likewise becomes safe, non-targetable, and resistant to swarm control. Toward the finish of the length, Kog’maw detonates, incurring 125 to 550 “valid” harm to local adversary units.

CAUSTIC SPITTLE– Kog’Maw dispatches a destructive shot that bargains sorcery harm and consumes the objective’s shield and enchantment oppose for a brief time frame. Kog’Maw likewise gains extra assault speed.

BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE– Kog’Maw’s assaults gain reach and arrangement a percent of the objective’s most extreme wellbeing as sorcery harm.

VOID OOZE– He dispatches an unconventional seepage which harms all foes it goes through and leaves a path that eases back adversaries who stand on it.

LIVING ARTILLERY– He shoot a cannon’s shell at a huge span managing enchantment harm (expanded essentially on low wellbeing foes) and uncovering non-stealthed targets. Also, different Living Artilleries in a brief timeframe make them cost extra Mana.



  • Void Entities
    • The Watchers
    • The Watchers are the makers of all void-born elements, including Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix Kha’Zix, Rek’Sai Rek’Sai, and Vel’Koz Vel’Koz. All void-born animals are important for an aggregate whose objective is to get familiar with Runeterra and plan for the Watchers’ return.
  • Malzahar
    • Kog’maw is being attracted to Malzahar by the Watchers. The justification behind this isn’t known and it obscure will happen once Kog’Maw contacts him.


  • Tryndamere
    • Sooner or later Tryndamere either cooperated with Kog’Maw or if nothing else knew about him, as he eventually alluded to Kog’Maw, saying “In the event that that is simply ravenous, I would rather not see furious.”

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