Little Devil Teemo is a rare skin in the greatest MOBA of all online games – League of Legends.

Skin Bio:

On November 18, 2016, this skin was released during Harrowing, and two more Harrowing Skins, Bewitching Tristana and Bewitching Morgana, were released with Riot Games. Teemo is presented as a little evil and moody devil who only wants to wreak havoc and destroy everything around him, as befits a servant of darkness, of which Little Devil Teemo is. In the Doom Bots game mode, you can see this skin on the evil overlord that appears at the end of the game. You can try and make sure it looks amazing and is a powerful argument in favor of adding this skin for Teemo to your collection.

What’s New?

Riot Games added a lot of changes for Little Devil Teemo: a new model and appearance of the character (now instead of a hat there is a crown, as befits a real demon from the realm of evil, and instead of a pistol in his hands is now a huge frightening trident from which fire arrows in the direction chosen by Teemo), as well as the champion appeared hellish horns that perfectly complement the hellish theme. Spells and abilities, as well as their particles, changed, and the auto-attack became arrows of fire, while Teemo mushrooms turned into demon servants who were eager to fulfill their sinister mission. Riot Games did not forget to add new animations and Recall animation (Teemo opens a hellish portal, jumps around it, making a terrible grimace, and then transfers to the base. A new death animation has been added: after Teemo is killed, a portal to hell opens, which absorbs the character, returning him back home, and only his crown remains on the battlefield.

How to Get Little Devil Teemo in 2022?

It’s simple, now this skin is available in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP, but often the skins suddenly disappear from sale, after which their cost soars up to hundreds and thousands of dollars, so in our store you can always buy an account on which already there is this and many other rare skins, many of which (such as Black Alistar) have long been inaccessible in the game and are considered one of the rarest and most precious. In our store you are waiting for instant delivery, a great price and a lifetime warranty!

Teemo is a versatile champion who can be used in every lane, including Baron, Mid, and Dragon. He can also be played in the jungle lane if the players are competent enough. He is known as “the tiny demon” due to his erratic temperament, sometimes annoys players. Teemo’s basic attacks deal greater damage as his AP increases, therefore the more magic damage he possesses, the more his basic attacks hurt. The most eagerly anticipated Yordle Expedition Event champion has finally arrived. Teemo is currently accessible in the Wild Rift shop and can be purchased. Along with two new skins, he is the final champion to be revealed during the event.

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